Should you top autoflowers?

23 September 2022

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In simple terms, autoflowers can indeed be topped but it is not often recommended. Many autoflower growers have never topped a plant and would be cautious about ever doing so. For good reasons too. Whether topping an auto makes sense for you depends on your grow situation, your goals, the strains you're growing and your attitude to risk.

How to Top Autoflowering Cannabis Plants Select the plants you want to top. Remember to only top healthy, young plants (with just 3-4 nodes) that you're confident will overcome the stress of this procedure. Using clean scissors or a razor blade, remove the tip of your plant's stem (just underneath its last node). Monitor your plant's recovery

When you should avoid topping autoflower cannabis While it's tempting to apply the technique as it potentially maximizes yields, it's important to know when not to top autoflowers: Avoid topping your autos when they're producing buds because you can inhibit their growth, resulting in smaller harvests.