The Christmas Party Three-Some

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08 December 2021

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Jason laid between his plump wife’s spread legs ramming his huge cock inside his wife’s tight hole. Heather, his wife, wrapped her legs tightly around Jason so his throbbing dick would ram in her pussy all the way. Jason was bent over sucking on one of her hard nipples as his hands played with her breasts. Heather moaned and begged for more as they fucked like animals. She begged to ride his jumbo meat and with Jason on the verge of cumming, he withdrew his cock.

Jason moved to lay flat on the bed as his wife standing over him looked down. He had his rock hard tool pointed straight up at his wife’s cunt. She rubbed her cunt trying to bring herself closer to orgasm while Jason cooled down. He looked up at his gorgeous wife. She was a larger woman but Jason liked them big. She had 48DD breasts, 42 inch waist, and 46 inch hips. She had jet black long hair, brown eyes, and a beautiful round face. Jason really adored his wife’s body.

Slowly, Heather lowered herself down and grabbed Jason’s cock. She continued to lower her dripping wet cunt on to his throbbing meat. She knelt down and started to thrust her body making his cock slide in and out of her wet hole. Jason reached up and grabbed her tits and played with her nipples between his fingers. Heather bucked up and down enjoying the pleasure her husband’s ten inch cock was giving her. Faster and faster his cock slid in and out as she was grinding herself to orgasm.

Heather felt it coming. She felt the pressure build as her body moved faster and out of control in orgasm. Jason squeezed her nipples tight which just added to her orgasm. She continued to bounce on Jason as her cunt contracted trying to squeeze out Jason’s seed. It was successful because a moment later Jason started to shoot his white juices deep inside his wife’s belly.

Heather rolled off her husband onto the bed. She looked over the clock radio on the nightstand and she got worried. It was already quarter to five and she wasn’t even dressed yet. She jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom for another shower.

The couple was running early for Heather’s company Christmas party until her husband joined her in the shower. After helping each other lather up, both of them were very horny and needed a quick fuck. They should have known better than to fit in sex but they couldn’t say no.

Heather got out of the shower as Jason headed in. By time Jason got out, his wife was partially dressed with all her undergarments in place. She was wearing a red lacy bra and thong panty set. She had on a matching garter belt and was just finishing clamping one of her thigh high black stockings when Jason walked into the bedroom.

Jason whistled at his sexy large wife and commented how good she looked. She was a little self conscience and this was the first time in her life that she was dressed this way. Jason wanted her to dress like this but Heather refused until she met another big beautiful woman at her work. Becky was about the same size as Heather and after they became friends started to share clothing. Becky convinced Heather to wear these special under garments for the party.

Jason immediately got turned on looking at his wife dressed like this. His cock started to throb and stiffen up but he quickly put on some pants to keep in under control. Heather noticed her husbands stiffening cock. She thought how long it has been since her husband became so aroused by just looking at her. That helped turn her on too. She started to feel a tingle between her legs aching for her husband’s dick.

Heather went to the closet and pulled out a short black party dress for the occasion. She pulled it over her head and pulled the tight dress over her curvy body. It was a little tight but it stretched as she moved. The dress was long sleeved but very low cut because you were able to see the top of her cleavage. She pulled out a pair of 4” high pumps and placed them on her feet. She looked good and Jason just adored his wife’s large body.

They got ready and left there house a little late. As they headed over to Becky’s apartment to pick her up, Heather gave her a call and told her to wait for them inside her front door. They arrived and Becky walked out the door.

Jason went speechless when he saw Becky. She was wearing a really short red cocktail dress that was really low cut. She had on black stockings and higher shoes than his wife with at least a 5” heal. Heather noticed her husband drooling and told him it looks like he is going with the two sexiest women from her company. He didn’t argue as he felt his cock grow in his pants.

Heather noticed him rubbing his hard on through his pants but she didn’t care. She was an extremely horny woman and whatever stimuli her husband needed to make his dick grow was OK with her. She could never get enough of his rod shoved up her cunt.

Heather was turned on as well. She had always been curious about being with a woman but this was the first time she was ever actually turned on by one. She felt an ache in her pussy but knew it would be hours before she could do anything about it.

Becky got into the car and they headed to the city for the fancy party. They arrived and with both the sexy women, one on each arm, they headed into the ballroom for the party. Heather made a comment to Becky on their way in that if Jason wasn’t married I bet she would get lucky tonight. Becky just laughed and said she was hoping to get lucky anyhow.

As the three-some walked into the ballroom, everyone appeared to be staring. Most of the women were looking in disgust at how the fat women looked in their sexy clothing. Some of the guys had the same look but most couldn’t keep their eyes off of Becky and Heather. All the guys that were staring would have given anything to fuck these fine beauties.

The party was pretty boring. Jason and Heather danced a few times before Heather finally said to Becky to go ahead and take her husband on the dance floor. They headed out for a slow dance and Heather watched Becky with her husband.

Heather was extremely turned on and started to fantasize about watching her husband drill his cock in between Becky’s thick legs. That would be payback to Becky for the use of her sexy clothing. Becky would enjoy Jason’s cock because of the length and girth of the gigantic rod and she would scream in pleasure as she came to orgasm.

The dancing couple was also extremely turned on. Jason stared at Becky’s beautiful long red flowing hair and light blue eyes. He thought she was extremely sexy and figured he would be thinking about her as he drove his cock deep into his wife’s pussy later that night. During the dance Becky started a conversation.

“Are you sexually attracted to large woman?” Becky asked.

“Yes, I am” Jason answered.

“What do you think of me? Would you want to fuck me if you weren’t married?” she continued the questioning.

“Even though I am married to a beautiful large hotty, I still want to screw you.” He replies.

Jason’s cock was bulging in his pants. He was extremely turned on and he ached to fuck Becky. Becky was extremely turned on as well. She thinks about her conversations with Heather were she told her about Jason. Becky is picturing his 10” cock as she sucks it hard before plunging it into her dripping wet cunt. She feels her juices start to flow as the music stops and they headed back to the table.

“How was it?” Heather asked.

“We should probably get going so you to can get home and have some fun while I do it by myself thinking about you two.” Becky said.

The three adults just laughed. All three were thinking the same thing but were afraid to say anything. All three wanted to have a three some and they were all extremely horny thinking about it.

They headed to the parking lot and when they walked outside were amazed to find that over the last four hours the sky dropped over six inches of snow and they were told by the bell boy the snow was to continue into the morning. They were afraid to venture home and headed back into the hotel for a room.

They headed toward the desk and found only one room was left. They were all acting like that was a little bit of a problem but the three adults thought maybe this would open the opportunity to the three some they all wanted.

After they went to the room, Jason headed down to the car for their emergency suitcase. While he was gone the two plump women sat on the bed talking. Becky was the first to bring something up about sex.

“Heather your husband is really hot. I am so jealous you get to have sex with him and I don’t. He made me so horny tonight while we danced” she said.

Heather replied “I think he would love to fuck you.”

“Let me fuck your husband, please.” Becky begged.

“I will tell you what, if you can arouse him after I am done with him, you can have him.” Heather told her best friend.

Both woman felt a flood of their juices making their pussies wet just thinking about it. Both at woman looked over at each others very sexy bodies and that turned them on just as much as thinking about Jason. The woman stared into each others eyes and moved into kiss each other. Their lips met and the taste of each other flowed between them. The soft lips of kissing another female sent waves of desire through their bodies. They layed down in bed and held each other as they kissed. Heather slid her hand down and caressed the side of Becky’s breast while Becky played with Heather’s hair and face.

The two plump women had each other turned on and their was nothing that could be done to stop them. Both Becky and Heather continued to kiss and touch each others body all over. They had there dresses pushed up and their hands were between each others legs. They rubbed each others pussies through the thin material of their panties making them ache for more. They were no longer thinking about Jason but about each other. They were thinking what they could do to get each other off. They were thinking about each other naked sucking on each others tits and licking the love juices of their cunts.

Just as they were about to undress each other, they heard the door rattle and Jason walked into the room. Heather whispered into Becky’s ear “Let’s give my husband a show.” As they didn’t stop what they were doing. Jason just walked in and starred as all the blood in his body flowed down to his cock. He had a raging hard on as he made his way to the sofa and just ast down to watch. He wasn’t about to break up these beauties and started to fantasize about ramming his cock deep inside each one of them.

The women sensed him watching and that just excited them more. Right now they weren’t thinking about cock but about pleasing each other. Becky was the first to stand up and get out of bed. She pulled off her red dress exposing her sexy black corset she was wearing under her dress. Heather followed and did the same. While standing they embraced and started kissing again. Becky reached for the tops of Heathers bra straps and pulled them over her shoulders which exposed her huge tits. Becky bent over and sucked the nipples while just leaving the bra there to hand. She then proceeded to kneel down in front of Heather and pulled her panties down before guiding her back to the bed. Heather spread her legs wide and allowed Becky between them. They kissed again passionately while Becky had her hand between Heather’s legs. She rubbed her cunt up and down making Heather’s juices flow.

Jason just sat on the sofa watching the whole thing. At first he was rubbing his cock through his pants but shortly he had his pants pulled down and was rubbing his throbbing cock up and down.

Becky knelt between Heather’s legs and bent over to suck her breasts. She sucked her hard nipples bringing Heather more and more pleasure. She moved down her chubby belly to between her legs. Putting one hand on each thigh she spread Heathers leg wide exposing her gorgeous pussy. Becky wasted no time and started licking her cunt up and down. She alternated her moves by plunginging her tounge deep inside Heather’s pussy and licking her swollen clit. Heather moaned from the great pleasure she was receiving.

Jason had enough of just watching. He stood up and stripped down to nothing before moving over to the bed. He positioned himself along side his wife and started sucking her nipples and playing with her tits. The pleasure was too great of having tow people give her pleasure. She started to moan and scream as her orgasm came over her. Becky sensed her orgasm cumming and immediately starting sucking on her clit pushing her over the edge. Heather’s orgasm was very intense but soon subsided.

Heather and Becky switched positions after they took off Becky’s sexy corset. Becky was dripping wet and wanted to cum as well. Jason didn’t know where to go but soon realized he could position himself behind his wife and take her doggy style while she ate out Becky. He stood behind his wife and guided his throbbing cock in between her pussy lips. He slid his rod into her body and she moaned lighly enjoying the feeling as she licked her friends cunt.

Jason grabbed his wife’s ass as he pushed his cock harder into her. He watched the beautiful Becky enjoying the sensation of his wife’s tongue on her clit. Heather soon felt another orgasm cumming and lost concentration on Becky. The waves of orgasm came over her as she yelled out in great pleasure. Becky felt a little left out but she reached down and rubbed her cunt wishing that it was her pussy Jason’s 10” cock was ramming. Jason felt the walls of his wife’s vagina squeeze his meat. Ramming his cock into his wife as she orgasmed, he felt his load shoot deep inside Heather.

As he pulled his cock out of his wife, Heather regained concentration on Becky’s pussy. A drop of Jason’s white juice dribbled out of his cock as he moved around the bed. Seeing the drop Becky begged him to bring it over so she could lick it up. Kneeling on the bed, Becky inserted the limp dick into her mouth. She tasted the sweetness of her firend on Jason’s cock as well as Jason’s excellent flavor.

Becky started to feel her orgasm come as the husband and wife team fucked her plump body. Heather had a few fingers up her cunt ramming them in and out while she licked and sucked on her clit. Jason’s cock was in her mouth and it was again hard as she sucked up and down the shaft. Jason had one hand on her left breast playing with it and squeezing the nipple while he had his other hand on the back of her head. He didn’t let go and pushed her mouth deeper on his cock while she came from the stimulation to her pussy. The flood of plessure shot through her body in orgasm.

Heather got up from between Becky’s legs and moved alongside of her. Still sucking Jason’s cock, Heather reached around to play with her breasts.

“Mmm, I want this cock up my pussy” she said during a break from sucking Jason’s cock.

“Go ahead and fuck my husband” Heather old Becky.

With that Becky sat up and pulled Jason onto to his back. His throbbing cock was aiming straight up in the air as Becky lowered her fat body to meet his cock. His huge cock slid easily into her dripping wet pussy. Heather knelt and the two woman kissed passionately on the lips while they touched each other’s plump breasts. Heather lifted her one leg and straddling her husbands head lowered her crotch so he could lick her pussy. She ground her pussy into Jason’s face as the other fat horney woman ground his cock in her slippery hole. The two women were facing each other and they kissed and fondeled their breasts while bringing themselves closer to orgasm.

Jason plunged his tongue into his wife while her love juices flowed over his face. The sweet taste of his wife’s while Becky fucked his dick brought him closer to orgasm. He wasn’t the only one as both woman felt another orgasm build in their bodies. All the on the verge of cumming continued their duty in this love making triangle. The woman concentrated on each others breasts as Jason’s job was to ram his tongue and cock into each of the woman. At the same moment the pressure in the woman caused their orgasms to explode as they bucked up and down on Jason. Jason felt the muscles of Becky clamp onto his cock as a flood of juice flowed out of his wife’s pussy. He felt his seed flow from his balls to his dick before exploding deep inside Becky. All three of them came at once to the best orgasms of their lives.

Heather rolled onto the bed exhausted as Becky remained on Jason until his cock went soft and fell out. Becky went on the other side of Jason as the tow woman pushed their plump bodies’ to Jason.

“Wow, that was awesome. How was it for you?” she asked Becky.

“It was good but you did have one more orgasm then me and your husband.” She responded.

“Well let’s try to make Jason’s cock grow again so you have a third time.” Heather answered.

With that she moved don to Jason’s limp cock and started sucking the cock. Becky followed and soon Jason’s cock was standing upright.

“How do you want to fuck Becky, dear.” Heather asked her husband.

“Up her ass.” Jason responded.

Heather was just about to say that he always wants that when Becky got up and said that was a great idea. It has been awhile since she had a cock drilled up her ass and that a huge cock like Jason’s would be an experience.

Jason immediately got up rubbing his cock ready for the ass drilling he wanted. His wife would let him sometimes but to have a woman want his cock up her ass turned him on more. The three positioned themselves with Heather flat on the bed with Becky knealing above her. Heather had access to eat and play with her cunt while Jason fucked her ass. Jason positioned himself behind Becky and started by shoving his cock up her cunt.

He used her lubricant to lube her ass by taking his cock in and out of her pussy to her ass. Each time he inserted his cock into Becky, she stretched open and cried out in pain. The vision of seeing his cock in a fat girls ass made Jason crave to see it all the way in. The tightness around his hard meat sent waves of pleasure through his body. He finally got his cock all the way in when Becky stated to scream in pleasure and pain. She was cumming from the sensation to her ass by Jason and her pussy by Heather. Jason shoved in one last time when he exploded into her tight ass hole.

They fell down into bed exhausted to the max. There was no more desire left and they all fell into a deep sleep. Each dreaming of the new found sensation of being a three-some.

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