Damien Skylar chapter 3_(1)

Author: 65cdc39d48

13 October 2021

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If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then it doesn’t immediately mean the writing is ‘wrong’, or ‘bad’. You can usually make a sentence simpler and shorter by deleting adjectives and adverbs. Often that’s a good call, but not always. It’s just something to think about. I advocate erring on the side of clarity, simplicity and brevity whenever you’re in doubt. 0 - https://russiansdolls.top/ 1 - https://russiansdolls.top/c/compilation/ 2 - https://russiansdolls.top/c/brazilian/ 3 - https://russiansdolls.top/c/striptease/ 4 - https://russiansdolls.top/c/pov/ She drags her left hand down my blouse ripping it off me in tatters. My bra goes with it. "I always did like your boobs. So firm but so soft." She places her mouth against my right nipple grabbing it between her teeth and lightly nipping. I can't suppress my moan of pleasure as she sucks it into her mouth and runs her tongue in slow torturous circles. I arch my back, getting more of my breast into her mouth. She pulls back and smiles. "Thinking about Selene." I stare at her. "N-no."

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