Yamaha Outboard Boats Engine For Sale

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05 July 2022

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When you're looking at outboard boats for sale, you should consider how many horsepower you need. More horsepower means higher price, so you should think about overall costs as well as where you're going to use your boat. When it comes to speed and horsepower, the right motor and gear combination can make all the difference. The right Yamaha outboard boat motor for sale can make the difference between cruising at speed and being stuck in a corner.

High-pressure jet nozzles

If you're looking for a new outboard boat to add horsepower to your boat, you've probably noticed that Yamaha's new line of portables features high-pressure jet nozzles. The high-pressure jet nozzles on Yamaha outboard boats engine for sale enable boaters to explore areas that conventional outboards would never dare. A Yamaha jet drive outboard is an engine designed to provide twice the thrust of a comparable two-stroke. Its high-pressure jet nozzles provide the power you need to navigate dangerous terrain.

Yamaha introduced Thrust Directional Enhancer technology on its full line of boats in 2012. This added a virtual rudder that deflects water in a 45-degree downward angle at slower speeds. This technology improved slow-speed maneuverability, but its effects were not widely publicized. Yamaha subsequently added a more effective system, the Thrust Vector rudder, which maximizes jet thrust at slow speeds.

High-thrust 4-strokes

The Yamaha F350 outboard features a direct-injection system, 90-amp charging system, and a unique exhaust system that diverts gasses away from the propeller. Other features include integrated electronic steering, a four-thermostat cooling system, two per cylinder bank, and a quick-connect hose bib. The Yamaha F350 is also equipped with a Yamaha Freshwater Flush Device, which enables the user to flush the engine without running it. It also features an extra 3.25 inches of clearance.

The Yamaha F250 is one of the best-selling four-stroke outboards in the world, powering many mid to large-size boats. Boat engines is an icon of the outboard boat industry and has been proving its reliability for over a decade. Yamaha recently introduced a new 4.2-liter V6 outboard with even more power and increased torque. The Yamaha T99 is an outstanding choice for a small pontoon, aluminum fishing boat, or inflatable craft. The Yamaha T9.9 outboard motor also features Power Tilt, freshwater flushing device, and resting pads.

Portable design

Choosing a motor for your outboard boat is crucial if you want to enjoy a smooth ride. While the horsepower of a motor will determine its power, the cost of a boat motor also needs to be considered. The ideal motor and gear can make all the difference between a pleasant ride and an exhausting one. Thankfully, Yamaha offers several different types of outboard motors for sale, including portable models.

In 2007 Yamaha's V-8 5.3L F350 sparked an industry boom. Its fly-by-wire controls meant boatbuilders could create larger center consoles. The company has made a big push in the outboard market since, originating in 1948 in Japan, Yamaha claims two of every three outboards on the market. These high-powered portables come with their signature portable features, such as resting pads and carry handles.
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