Infinity - Chapter 1

Author: 7b5ee2fcae

13 October 2021

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I changed position, went down on my hands and knees, and holding the cucumber in one hand, started fucking myself up the ass. Movement got easier and easier. I took the whole cucumber out, and put all of it in again. All out, all in... quicker and quicker. Using more and more force. It hurt every time the tip of the cucumber pounded against my asshole, wanting to force its way in yet again. But it was this continuous in and out that opend me up completely. My shithole was not a tight little hole anymore, it was large and pink, the muscle ring seemed to have disappeared, there was only a mass of mucusy, pink flesh. I occasionally touched it, in between, and the feel of that soft, misused flesh made me tremble with anticipation. I wanted to cum, experience my first anal orgasm... 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - span class="italic">*I'm awake? I figured I’d end up in the graveyard*</span> I thought to myself but after rubbing my eyes, the shock of waking up seemed trivial to what I saw before me. <span class="italic">*My old room… Why am I here, where’s Anna?*</span> I thought bolting upright as I quickly scanned the small bedroom to find no other person.

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