Short Life

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21 December 2021

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Short Life will be a fun physics platform game with the unique twist. In the game, you control a ragdoll and attempt to be able to guide him through 16 levels. The particular levels are bloody and deadly. The goal of each level is always to keep the ragdoll safe to obtain the full three or more stars.

When enjoying this game, be cautious about the deadly blocks. In the very first amount of this actions game, for instance , our own hero must dodge a moving equip fixed with raises. Furthermore, there exists a water line structure that shoots arrows right at their head. Move cautiously and stick to the in-game ui instructions too.

As short life the game , our character runs into new and creative obstacles and tiger traps such as running barrels and overflowing mines.

Watch out there for various road blocks in each level. You must stay away from connection with spikes, leap over mines in addition to look out regarding other devastating tiger traps. The many traps will certainly cause unimaginable injury to your good guy? mines, for illustration, will blow your character into very small gory pieces! This specific game requires great timing and reflexes and is also a huge amount of enjoyment!


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