Bitcoinmate Traders:The Best Money Making System !


09 November 2019

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Bitcoinmate Traders Group:The Best Money Making System:
Presented by : Muzi Hlubi :Team Leader @
Bitcoinmate Traders Group:
This is the only program that gives the opportunity for each and every member of this Program to be able to have a Share on the program and be able to make a lot of Money.
All members who joins us get their own Invitation Code which generate R500 per member that they refer to this program if they share their Webpage and new members Register on our Registration Form.
Good news- all our members will earn R1000 per member they signed up in our program by the year 2020.
Do you want to make money and own a Registered Forex Trading program that will make as from 60% to 200% profit monthly depending on daily Trading market conditions.
Our Traders can also trade on your behalf and be paid monthly if you prefer to have a Managed Trading Account.
How to Join and Have your own Money Making machine in your finger tips.🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇🎆
1.Register on our Registration Form
2.Fill the Invitation Code on the Form
(Available here).
3.Pay Membership Fee of R1000 Once-Off fee.
4.You get your Invitation Code within 24 hours-plus your Money making Auto Trading website.
Benefits to you as a Member:
1. You get the same Webpage like this one with your Invitation Code plus an Auto Trading website or our Traders do trading for you.
2.You earn R500 per member that Register with your Invitation Code.
3.Your Auto Trading website makes as from 60% to 200% profit per month.
Minimum investment on your website start
as from R200 up to R100,000.
Our Trading Program Plans:
1.Auto Plan:
Investment on your Trading website makes 60% to 200% profit per month.
2.Managed Account Plan:
Our Traders trade for you to earn as from 50% to 100% per month.
3.Laptop Plan :
This Plan cost R10,000
You get a Laptop loaded with an Automated Trading Software installed in it.
In your first month of your Trading-R10,000 is made than after the following months you make profits.
Daily profit is 10% to 20% a day profit.The R10,000 is for your Laptop plus your Investment on your Auto Trading website.
My Invitation Code:
Please fill up this code on the Registration Form below and our Agents will contact you:
Registration Form:
Be part of our Money making program and be paid weekly for Referring new members to Bitcoinmate Traders Group.
Information on our Auto Trading Programs: Video
Once payment have been made, please send proof of payment to this number:
0632634913 or fax to:0864108869 or email to:
Or Send an SMS to :0670382287 with Message 'Join' and our Agent will contact you as soon as possible


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