Sovereign Citizens Exposed Compilation Part 69


11 October 2016

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Media story:

Trial Details in the Oregon Standoff:

Real Life Crime Scene Case -- Vandalism
Same methods of operation for vandalism. Different ideological affiliations on a disabled parking sign. One scene linked to an anarchist group nearby a grocery store. The other linked to a group affiliated with Satanism at a skate park. -- Exposed Electrical Socket Wires in the season of Fall that could start -- Landscape area bent and bruised -- Bricks damaged -- Exposed Electrical Socket Wires -- Exposed Eletric Socket -- White Paint symbol closely resembling of an "Anarchist affiliation on a disabled parking sign based on the glob. Suggests the perpetrators were in a hurry perhaps. -- Pentagram symbol affiliated with Satanism. The symbol suggests it was carved with a knife based on the line impressions scraping against the blue paint on the sign.

Shittyzen spamming

Paper Terrorism from a Sovereign Citizen

Sovereign Citizen Propaganda Video:

Quatloos topic on sovereign filing solutions:

Youtube Sovereign Citizen Shyster(s) from

Ebay Item that is up for sale thats EXIF was ripped off of a Wizard of Oz deviant art picture

Sovereign Filing Solutions Selling Points

Sovereign Filing Solutions Document Archive:

Sovereign Filing Solutions Money Laundering Archive:

Sovereign Filing Solutions Detraction:

Sovereign Lending Solutions Detraction:

Rogue License Plate Identification:

Pokemon Go spammer/troll on youtube


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Waterflame - Electroman Adventures V2

Waterflame - Showdown

Waterflame - Slapstick

Saints Row The Third Soundtrack - 03 - The Mission Part 1

Lavender Town - Solkrieg's Dream Eater Remix 2.0

Lavender Town Remix

Pokemon Mansion Remix

Pokemon Champion Cynthia Battle Remix


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