American Horror Story S06E05 Chapter 5



13 October 2016

Views: 1,291

In Chapter 5 of American Horror Story: Roanoke we get to know the residents that are haunting the house. We know that Lady Gaga’s Priestess is out there somewhere, doing things to incite violence and achieve some as yet unknown goal. There is Piggy Man and the “Murde” Nurses, and some creepy creature crawling up the walls. Thomasin White, the Butcher, is very angry. She believes that this is her land and she’s going to defend it. She’s already dead so death won’t stop her from protecting it; the question is how do you stop her? One thing we haven’t established yet is whether or not the ghosts of the deceased stay on the land. Will we see Dr. Cunningham or Cricket again? Will their spirits help the Millers find Flora and escape from this nightmare?



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