Links for "Silence of the Lambs" and "Peeping Tom"


17 October 2016

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"The Silence of the Lambs" - (1:58:31) - The best player, in 720p and with subs if you need them. 3 different server choices if you can't get one of them to work. - (1:58:31) - Alternative player, but only in 360p. Works though, so it's a decent alternative. - (1:58:41) - Vodlocker. Small player, but it works. Again, use if 123movies isn't available. - A list of different sites available on the right to watch the movie. Your choice of whatever works when you need it.


"Peeping Tom"

As there are different versions available, please start at the "ANGLO AMALGAMATED FILM DISTRIBUTORS ltd" title screen. Times are listed below, but if they don't match, find where it is and pause it. - (1:41:34) - As above, the best choice. ***Start at 16 seconds in*** - (1:41:39) - A good player with a bunch of links available on the side. ***Start 27 seconds in*** - Alternative links in case none of the above work.


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