Sovereign Citizens Exposed Compilation Part 70


18 October 2016

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Booby prize for Cody C

Freeman on the Land of South Africa Facebook Group List:

Sovereign Citizen Facebook group list:

Right-Wing ‘Crusaders’ Militia Group Plotted Terror Attack On Muslim Immigrants, FBI Charges

Pastor Ernest gets a taste of the internet:

Walter Fitzpatrick Indicment Archived:

Robert Estabrook returns to the internet acting like judge, jury and executioner after losing face on the internet and in court.

Robert Estabrook twitter -- His first name according to official document isn't "robbie". This is a lie that Robert has been telling people. He thinks that judges and prosecutors are striping us of liberty despite the criminals being held to account for their activities.

Archive of Robert E Estabrooks mugshot where he insists his name is "Robbie" and insists he has never violated the law.

Robert Estabrook acts like an internet tough guy. Come at me, bro

Robert E Estabrook mugshot which contradicts him asserting his name is Robbie. Sorry Robert, but you don't make your own laws up on the internet.

Ida "Foxy" Queens associates on youtube and google hangouts

Laura Shark from Cop Watch associated with Ida "Foxy" Queen

Ida "Foxy" Queen online postings:

Ida "Foxy" Queen (left) and Laura Shark (right)

Bundys statement in court:

Gretna 'sovereign citizen' sentenced to 20 years for mail fraud

Sovereign Citizen Convicted of Murder in Infant’s Death

PCPD: 'Sovereign citizen' threatens to kill patrons at care facility

Law enforcement seeks to reassure immigrants of their safety

For more Info On Michael Sophin from -- Arrest -- 8 month sentence for speeding off at a checkpoint

Batman: Arkham Knight - Scarecrow Nightmare Challenges (Full Walkthrough)

Batman Arkham City Soundtrack - The Court Is Now In Session (Track #5)

Batman: Arkham City (OST) - Streets of Fire (Protocol Ten Begins)

Batman Arkham Asylum (OST) - Scarecrow Theme

Batman: Arkham City [OST] - 18 - Bring Her Back To Me

Waterflame - Glorious Morning 2


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