How to deal with Ryan Hill -- Notorious Ex-Furry responsible for Chlorine Gas


18 October 2016

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Not in the furry fandom but a quick input on this situation that has come and gone --

Contingency plans against people like Ryan Hill are needed in the event that they go rogue and end up affiliating themselves with a cyber gang of people that are not in the interests of others and would most certainly resort to pre-meditated murder and use chemical weapons intended to cause death or permanent damage to any of your internal organs based on the chemical analysis of how chlorine and other toxins would injure you through inhalation. Terrorism is something we should never joke about. Fear controls you if you allow it. Live your life and be safe and kind to each other. You are an affinity. You work together against people going rogue who only want to harm you. We are all people living our lives and we may have our disagreements but that does not mean we should be living by emotional venom of spite or hatred or prejudice just because something happened to us a LONG time ago.

It might not be a thought any of you relish but it is needed. Should any of you have to deal with affiliates related to Ryan Hill it is important to have a contingency plan on file for him and the cyber gangs he aligns himself with that spill over into the real world. With all forensic data, video and audio related to his activities on social media to hold him to account should the worst case scenario ever happen in your world. It is also advised to keep on file all the EXIF meta-data of social media postings, presumably that you know the programs that can scan and filter what is used to upload the image. Screen capturing it and putting it on a website called and cropping the image is preferred so that you can see the text/image with the other dates all in sight. You also want to keep his geographical location on file. Any IP addresses you've collected can be scanned and subpoena'd upon probably cause. IP addresses are useful for a telemetry feed traced back to his computer so you can get a report on the kind of computer, the hard drive, the ISP, the WHOIS contact info, the size of the monitor. It also helps to have archives of what his face will look like to identify to the police if he shows his mug at a convention and he's actually on a list of people unwelcome at the events. You can set up a phenotypical profile of him based on images you've collected on file for him. Get together specific people who will defend your case against him and put their written statements on file if he has targeted them as well. Make sure you have their confidence and signature that the statements are in good faith. Be sure to share to update the file for any out-of-date info. Any new aliases, social media profiles, suspicious posts can be traced back to him if you are serious about dealing with these kinds of people.

And most importantly keep the case number of the reports you file just incase you need to fact-check what was written on them. Keep all archives and copies in a location only you know. Keep your computer password protected and have all your firewalls and antivirus protection up to date. Be sure to scan the url and to have your programs evaluate the source code of the url. Virustotal helps out. Remember that criminal psychology is very important to be well-versed in. These hooligans are nothing to fear.

Stay safe online and offline.


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