webcam surveillance server


28 November 2016

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Webcam surveillance server is a software for video surveillance that can manage multiple webcams and ip cameras through an easy interface. It can record it’s videos continuously or using motion detection. The software alerts can activate an email or an ip video call.This camera software to carry out simultaneous recording and transmission of an unlimited number of cams. You can live audio and video broadcast in the following ways: streaming video and audio on the web server - you can view the computer video monitoring, even if the computer is fully protected by a firewall. This service provides high frame rate broadcasting to the unlimited auditory because broadcasting is performed from our web server, high-speed broadband connection.HTTP server - Web software runs its own HTTP server that all users connected to the computer, you can to view your camera and record playback of video files. FTP Upload - the program uploads images to your web site using FTP protocol. Viewers pointed to your site from the Internet browser and recorded video look. recorded video can be viewed using an Internet browser. 56818


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