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18 July 2017

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These are 3 people involved in Ponzi schemes related to Fake accounts, cheats or products from eBay. Often defrauding people and running away with their money.
Moon is the ring leader.
Jubs used to pay hosting and other expenses with his dad's credit card until he spent 1,000$ one day and asked to pay it back.
Josiah will often join in on different ways.

The following information will not be erased from the internet. He tried his best to cover his tracks.
The following crimes committed by them: Conspiracy to commit wirefraud, Identity theft, Ponzi scheme.
Keywords: wirefraud, theft, scams

Moon's Full name:
Fouad Said

Moon's Fake names:
Andrew Hernandez - GTA Rolepaying name
Anthony Hernandez - His stalker Facebook account he set up (now deleted)
Anthony Garcia - Used for scamming the GTA community.
Sven Yaeger
Devin Ghumman - Named himself after a guy he stole 2000$ from. The real one lives in Atherton, CA
Michael Kject - fake details for Cloudflare and Namecheap
Jorge Mackie
Peter Lehmann

Moon's Address:
4654 Palmer St
Dearborn, Michigan 48126
United States
He uses this address for everything and has not moved since he got DOXXED in 2015.
Lives with his mother.

19 (2017)
Common DOB specified: Mar 16, 1998
Ethnicity: Arab
Low Income area (Scam motivation)

University of Michigan 2016-
Dearborn High School

Moon's family: - Moon's first Facebook account. His Roleplaying Facebook account (deleted) had the same football pic. - Father - Mother - Sister - Uncle
Michigan, Dearborn residents

FB Backups:

All Moon's emails:

Moon's phone numbers:
+1 (313) 438-8679 - Active
+1 (313) 552-6602
+1 (313) 899-8422
+1 (313) 658-0510

VISA X-5651
SSN - xxx-xx-xx63

Ownership details: - File upload and E-mails. - Defunct OW Memory cheat reseller
Host: / DNS

IP Range: - Recent - Recent - Old static

Past aliases (almost all of them are involved in scams):
Demeth0s, richymcknight, vzn, avzn, autcon, trashmoon, 6ix, 6ixth, moon, OneMillion, DrunkenKing, Jerian57, Vanaraud, Moose, kjectproject, Riley (Hackforums), woobawoob (Hackforums)


Discord aliases:
Moon, 6ixth, Gengu, Autcon

Social Media: (deleted) (Tweetbotting) (Tweetbotting)


Alias: Jubs
Nationality: Brazilian
Currently lives in USA with his Father.
Real name: John Meyn
2575 Summit Dr
Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034 (PayPal Enabled)
IP Range: - PC - Phone
Past aliases:
Akio, Yoon, Yoon-Sook
Job: Fund Moon's schemes until he got trouble with Law.

Alias: Josiah
Full name: Josiah Levario
Nationality: Mexican Cali Boy
Job: Californian Child Porn Enthusiast. (PayPal Enabled)

Alias: Max/Max Bluman
Real name: Max Whitton
1356 Fairfax St
Birmingham, Michigan 48009
Job: Provides servers to Moon. Usually is in his Discords or Skype chatting with him.

Aliases: Nicktendo13
Real name: Nick Bolling
Job: Leaking info

Jena Erholtz Jordan
Job: Fouad spams her with 5$ donations. His Virtual Girlfriend.

renoTor is not viable for any damages this information release might cause. Everything above is in public-domain.


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