Service writing injects/ATS Banks Usa Au Ca Uk Eu Sale Logins Materials/avtozali


11 August 2017

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Service writing injects/ATS Banks Usa Au Ca Uk Eu Sale Logins Materials/avtozaliv And Complects Master Botnet Grabber Pony Citadel Accept WMZ PM/BTC BITCOIN

pleased to offer you the services in writing injects the following types: Avtozalivy / passives / aktivki. Grabbers. Interceptions / tokenki.
Substitution.And much more.

Basics of service!

[+]inject run on all popular Trojans Spyeye iceX Kins Zeus And EtcDuring the writing of a specific triple additional fee is not charged. [+] All inject distributed free warranty service within one month. Later, for a fee. [+] All inject come with a powerful and user-friendly admin panel.
demonstration how works?

this example simples what and how i make
And i selling materials logs botnet form graber to you
you must say your parametr i put my panel and give you infections grabber bots this parametr to you complects - grabber thanes / tan grabber (login info / balances / tans) - Interception / bypass + more functions i make
Really fast service,professional injects for each type of page - tokenka / bypass - tokenka / bypass
credit union canada login+pass+branch+answer - login+pass+questions/answers - AZ passive / passive ATS (within the bank / mezhiki / sepa all types including Express)
CA/canada pack
easyweb(TD) - login info/balance/holder name/questions/answers + replacer
rbc - login info/balance/holder name/questions/answers + replacer
bmo - login info/balance/questions/answers + replacer
bnc - login info/balance/questions/answers + replacer
scotiabank - login info/balance/questions/answers/access code + replacer
cibc - login info/balance/email/email password + replacer
Uk - grabber full info / full info grabber - AZ passive / passive ATS - AZ passive / passive ATS - AZ passive / passive ATS
This Professional creation and great support also service
respect my and your time, you have a lot,and I'm one! coder

This service only for serious customers

you must be sure that you have the money

Price and Payment

WMZ / Perfectmoney / PM / BTC / BITCOIN

Support Welcome icq and Jabber Give you instruction if you wona be our market shop clientyou are welcome we can help you!


service available contact support for price

Unique offer you are welcome!

Give you how synchronisation

Contact master coder!

Email contact give to you

justforour @

[icq] 687268202



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