12 August 2017

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Those of you who were with us last season may recall that for the last 4 EPL game days we were reduced to only one link for each of the EPL games for some customers in the uk. All other countries were fine. 
This was due to uk internet companies attempts to block servers during games.

There was a lot of reports of this continuing in to this season so we put a plan in place to defend against this.

During our preparations for this season we discovered today that we inadvertently created an issue that effected us during the arsenal game and the Liverpool game. It took us till about 15:20 to fully identify and patch the issue.

Fundamentally what we needed to do was to add more load balancers. Once we did this we were fine again.

The good news is that During this entire time the streams themselves were absolutely perfect. There was zero issue whatsoever.

The website was handling the traffic wrong and was refusing access on some servers. So if you imagine the Kodi addon is a stadium like Wembley, each server we have is a turnstile.
The people who arrived early were all comfortable in their seats and having a complete whale of a time. Those who arrived closer to kickoff were all pushed to the one turnstile (turnstile Z).
All the other turnstiles were empty but the queue on turnstile z was cramped. Those who squeezed in through the crowds were in and enjoying the game but those outside were all still being sent to the same turnstile.

When we eventually figured it out we added load balancers which effectively opened up the rest of the turnstiles and everyone could walk in freely.

We were sniffing around the wrong tree trying to identify the issue and were focusing on identifying if it was internet companies blocking servers and only after we narrowed down the issue further we seen the real cause and once we found the cause we could start the fix.

I want to assure you that all of our preparations and all the pre work we did was totally and completely with the end user in mind and to make your experience as fantastic as we possibly could.

It didn't work out for us and we have had a manic, hectic and exhausting time but we got there eventually.

Now as sorry as we are we do also feel the need to remind you that sometimes despite our greatest efforts things in the streaming world just do go tits up sometimes.
Thank you for those of you who were supporting of us during this period and for those that got so frustrated that they left, I hope you find what you're looking for wherever you end up signing up.

Are we back 100%?

Time will tell.

Will we keep working our ass off?

You bet.

If you feel disgruntled about not getting a personal reply to your questions then we're sorry but when we are in the trenches it makes zero sense to stop fighting just to have a chat. We will update our twitter feed with as much info as we can to try keep you all in the loop but we simply cannot get into discussions with individuals and we most certainly will not respond to the "Sort it out in the next few minutes or I'm leaving" messages.
We will gladly hold the door open for those people to leave.



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