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13 September 2017

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Hello I'm a hacker and scammer i sell credit card info fullz and cvv i sell bank transfer and PayPal transfer and Wu service
i want long term customer no jokes i do provide some demos but demos not guaranteed to work. Contact my

ICQ: 701897035

TEXT: +1 817 755 0584

SKYPE: bigsosa271


Sell cvv good balance $1-5k for $25 btc you pick what card type you want (visa master Amex ect)

Sell fullz good balance $5-8k i show you how to cash it out for $65 a piece

Sell dumps track 1 and track 2 without pin for $70 and guide on how to card in stores and sell dumps track 1 and 2 with ATM pin
i show how to use at ATM safely and stores cost $120 and dumps physical card shipped come with letter/guide $180

Sell bank transfer 5-10% of balance depends how much transfer you want i could do maximum of $200k in 1 transfer

Sell PayPal for 10% of balance can do maximum $100k in 1 transfer depends on how much transfer you want

Sell Wu service for 15% of balance inside i can do maximum $100k depends on balance you need and show how to pick up moneys


Bank hacking software = $1500 "For bank accounts".

Hackdoo (TROJAN) = $1100 "Steal information from any target computer".

VAMPIRE 3.5 = $200 "Helps in hiding your ip unlimited".

Western union Software bug VERSION 2013 = $900

Sell gift card
$500 gift card of your choice - $80
$1000 gift card of your choice - $200


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