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14 September 2017

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Greetings easily distracted brainwashed auto-matons,

The chemical deep state is deep and dangerous.
We'll start with the monster you know which is only the tip of the iceberg.
Racketeering Monsanto who got big helping with the Manhattan Project is killing fish with pesticide runoff.
In fact, infecting the whole food supply.
While brainwashing kids.
And strong-arming governments.
Terminator seed plants rape farming independence leading to mass suicides.
They have poisoned people as the ninety nine percent manufacturer PCBs- continuing up till now, despite incredible damage from these pesticides since their inception.
They are also the only manufacturer of military grade white phosphorous.
They experimented with pesticides on prisoners.
They also took over for Dow chemical as the leading manufacturer of Agent Orange.
They made the bovine growth hormone.
But they fill government pockets to keep the evil alive.
But Dow chemical is actually worse. Liveris CEO of Dow chemical gave Trump 1 million dollars and Congress 14 million dollars to sell banned pesticides made from Agent Orange and Nazi nerve gas. Even though they cause retardation and death.
And Trump appointed him as Manufacturing Advisor to the Commerce Department despite the fact Dow employs price fixing.
Dow also created a morning sickness pill that makes retarded flipper babies.
They tested dioxin on prisoners finding it causes cancer and other illness yet continue to pump it into rivers.
They also don't pay taxes.
Their products sterilize and sicken plantation workers.
They also killed or maimed 600 thousand in a plutonium dust fire through subsidiary Union Carbide.
They made disintegrating poisoning breast implants and were charged with not testing product. But they tested it on mice with the same results and just didn't care.
Before Monsanto took over they were the only provider of Agent Orange.
Dow is also responsible for Napalm B.
They always dismiss lawsuits even to the 12,000 who sued for being disfigured from radioactive accidents.
And sell their pesticides in spite of the high death toll.
But again, they're not the worst. IG Farben which was the Nazi weapons and gas machine exits as the top pharmaceutical and chemical companies today. Like BASF whose fipronil devastates whole ecosystems.
They have poisoned 75% of the American water supply with hexavalent chromium causing liver failure, kidney failure and stomach cancer. That's 200 million people.
And they make the genetically fucked food for Monsanto.
Their leadership like Carl Wurster were actual Nuremburg trial war criminals. Who only got symbolic sentencing because they were rich and went on to lead Big Chemical and Big Pharma.
So, here's the thing. IG Farben was half of Standard Oil now known as Exxon which created eugenics and funded the Nazi genocide; and American pilots were told not to bomb their IG Farben weapons and gas bases prolonging the war until the Russians happened to sack Berlin.
And these companies have run secret government and every president since. Infact Watergate was unleashed because puppet leader Nixon got off script and started putting tariffs on trade operations.
It is IG Farben that came up with slave concentration camps to create their supply.
They also made- with Exxon- the Bilder-burg Group. Remember the Kessler psy-op?
That happened because Virginians has just put together that the 2017 cabinet attendees to the Bilder-burg meeting in Virginia had passed legislation making warrants unnecessary for police home invasion. Remember Made in America day?
That was a distraction while the actual warrantless search legislation was passed. Remember the London Bridge terrorist attack?
That was while the actual Bilde-rburg meeting was happening in Virginia. As the mechanizations of IG Farben and Exxon Standard oil secretly plan the next stage in world domination.
IG Farben bases itself off of Standard Oil whose Society of the Elite came to be known as the Council on Foreign Relations. They called themselves by a similar title to the Society of the elite: "The Council of the Gods".
So now we'll get to the worst. Bayer. Bayer is IG Farben today whose Bayer symbol is actually based off the swastika. Of course, Bayer also developed Agent Orange.
Their union with Monsanto means they have joint products- regardless of the European Union banning the monopoly.
The Nazi war machine carries on. In terms of world domination IG Farben and Standard Oil upset the Jewish banking cartel to themselves become banksters supreme.
They had blood tainted with AIDS that was caught in the US which they then knowingly sent out to other countries; they are a major reason for the AIDS epidemic.
They also created heroin as a cough syrup. Opium Bayer industry and Exxon Oil interests define our wars today.
Bayer has also extinguished a large portion of the bee population.
They run tests on prisoners sometimes killing them all, which is nothing new.
Behold: Bayer. But the interest here is greed so they are teamed up with the US Israeli Binational Industrial Research and Development or BIRD. And with the Bird Foundation the elite cabal is making the drones, invading your homes, making you sick and treating you with dangerous drugs. This is all well documented in the paste link.
Go a little deeper and see how far the rabbit hole goes.

We will not forget.

We will not forgive,

Expect us.

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