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16 September 2017

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ok bro (and anyone else reading this, most likely baeo) i wrote this up earlier and then made it into a puush txt


- chumba

- bagpuss (aka: baggy)

- more baggy

- even more baggy, chumbas tail to the left

- a chumba, chumba is also called chumba wumba or even chumba wumba bam benie

- baggy blur

- baggy blur with some sweets on the table

- some wooden skeleton of a cat skeleton (this is not anatomically correct) i put together the selves it is on, took ages.

- scuzz. also called scuzzy wuzzy, chumba at the top, my mums foot to the right

- scuzz iz fiddys mum, fiddy is my cat

- another scuzz

- shiva

- shiva again

- same as last pic but turned to make it bigger

- scuzz, shiva and chumba

- baggy, scuzz, shiva and chumba

- scuzz and shiva

- scuzz

- scuzz

- pic i took in my jacked pocket on accident

- cup i liked so took a pic of



- another cool cup

- and another one

- chumba. i put together the shelf on the bottom right, same ones that took ages, there was 4, nan wants me to put together 2 more sometime next year or before christmas

- milly

- dutty, he has a funny eye, he is called dutty cus he was small as a kitten, they werent sure if he would survive but he did

- scuzz, there is a vid after this pic was taken, where she is meowing and i smooth her, she did a really long and loud meow at the end but i stopped the vid before it could be record

- here is the vid

- dutty under the table, in the top right of the pic there is a pear tree, it had some pretty big pears on it tbh

- milly sitting on me getting smoothed

- another milly, that blury person is my mum

- scuzz, the pics to the left is me in the suit and my lil brother with the glasses on

- fiddy, scuzz's son for refrance, pic taken 2014

- another fiddy pic, taken 2012

- went outside and saw blind cat, or rather he heard me from his garden and came over to see me... he cant see so he came over to be in my presence through the hole in the fence, so i gave him some cat treats, dreamis bro they are like cat crack

- dreamies

- another pic of blind cat

- a vid of blind cat, watch out bro 3 mins and 34 secs long. note how he isnt cruching the treats, either he is just swallowihgn them or i read that cats intentiionally make the crunching sound while eating dried food becuase it simulates them crunshing bone of a prey, at the end he notices my cat, i didnt know my cat was there, the phone runs out of memory as my cat comes over to me, you can hear my cat make a noise as he starts to walk over, he makes that noise alot, i think it is like a greating noise he does, blind cat went off after my cat came over to him as blind cat is kinda scared of him, so blind cat when back through the hole in the fence where he came from and on the way through the hole he scratched his claws on a piece of wood, interesting how well he gets around and can spot my cat and know how to find a scratching post

also vid quality is bad for both vids cus i had to convert them to be able to upload them

anyway i hope you enjoyed this txt puush bro (and anyone else reading this, most likely baeo)


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