09 October 2017

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Service Spam Work Spam mailing Botnet Rent!

Only your target users will see your offer. We have only checked e-mail databases. The incoming message depends on its uniqueness first of all, from smtp servers.

If you want to send a message without synonymizing the text on the 10,000+ emails db, then a maximum of 150-200 emails will enter the incoming text.

Attachment is not used. If you want to send the file, you need to fill it in ftp and fix the url for the phrase, when you click on which the file will be downloaded.

Cost of email distribution:
5$ for 5000 letters.

Creation of HTML letters:

Consultation is free of charge!

We will do an email for you, the percentage of incoming letters in the incoming 70-80%.

Inbox in all boxes except yahoo, outlook, hotmail.

- The minimum order is from 40$ for 50k sent.
- 70$ per 100k
- The cost for sending more than 100k is considered individually.

When ordering from 100,000, the email template with the randomization of the text will be free for your wishes.

Letters in HTML with links as well as plain text with links come without problems in the incoming!

We will do an email for you, the percentage of incoming letters in the incoming 70-80%.

Inbox in all boxes include yahoo, outlook, hotmail gmail and corporate domains

Bulk email distribution.Spam Botnet Service Rent Any volumes and countries!

Update email newsletter service.
Any email in any volume value.

Bulk email sending letters by e-mail to any database, yours or mine.
There are more than 600 different bases in the Worldwide And Usa Uk Au Ca Europe and the and about 400 bases in Europe and the USA.
There are all well-known topics:

- Physical persons all over the USA, Europe.
- legal entity
- dating base
- casino and gambling
- job base
- social networks
- subscription services, online stores, forums, thematic communities and much more.

In total, there are about 80 million contacts worldwide and about 130 million contacts across the US and Europe.

If the mailing goes to your databases, after the distribution is finished your base will be erased. I do not save and do not sell them. To do this, I have enough of their bases.

With my service, you can be sure that your letters will be included in the inbox.
For mailings, different technologies are used: webmailer, hotmailer, SMTP servers, relays and in some cases botnet.

I send out any subjects, except SR and other amoral trash.

Features of my lists:

The percentage of getting into the Inbox on the Russian database is about 90% !!!
The percentage of getting into the Inbox folder on European databases is about 80% !!!
This is a very high percentage.
Whence it is known: from 5 years experience of dispatches, from hundreds standard dispatches, from reports on tracking of dispatches.
The undelivered percentage of messages I send directly at the dispatch. As a result, you get 100% of the ordered volume.

Upon completion of the mailing, a detailed report is provided, including:
A) How many letters were opened by the addressees, and from which electronic boxes.
B) How many were referrals, if the links were in the letter.
C) Dynamics of opening letters and moving through links for a period of time.

Examples, based on a real report, can be downloaded here:

Pleasant cost of mailing lists:
Distribution in Russia and the CIS:
The minimum volume of mailing - 50 000 letters / 50 usd
Any volume of up to 100 000 letters - 100 usd
When ordering 300,000 contacts, the price of mailing is 70 usd for every 100,000 letters.
1 million emails - 250 usd
2 million or more letters - 150 usd for each million.

Distribution in Europe and the USA:
As well as,

High speed email delivery:
The average speed of mailing is 20-30 thousand letters per hour.

A serious experience of email dispatches allows you to quickly and efficiently conduct mailing lists so that all letters get into the Inbox folder
I myself randomize the letter, I myself do redirects under references.
All services are included in the price.
You will need: 1 letter, 10 letter topics, 10 sender's names.
Recommendations for writing a letter I will inform you when ordering.
There is the possibility of developing a professional template and high-quality selling letter. Paid on request separately. The price is from 5000 to 13000 rubles.

Orders for mailings I take 2 days before the date of delivery, because there is a queue of previously paid applications.

The combination of all the above points allows you to seriously save time, nerves, reputation, insure yourself against errors and incidents and get a normal high-quality email newsletter at a good price.

Payment is accepted by everyone than is paid.
I do not work for%. I have more than 40 of my services and offers, which I advertise for myself in my spare time.
I'll answer any questions on my contacts at the bottom of the message.
I'm rarely at the forum. Please write directly to contacts.

For operational communication, write directly to my contacts.
-------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
I still propose:
1. SMS mailings of any volume
2. Email mailings of any size
3. Collection and sale of any email databases
4. Sale of mobile numbers bases for SMS dispatches
5. Sale of bases.
6. Selling the bases of directors and managers.
7. Sale of bases, sale of bases, sale of bases of legal entities
8. Sale of online shops, subscription services, stores.
9. Sale of parsers, etc.). Development on order.
10. Leasing SMTP servers for mailings
11. Sale of bases of forex traders.
12. Sale of dating bases (dating sites).
13. Sale of email marketing software. Educational materials
14. Bases of casinos, dating sites and many others all over Europe and the USA.

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Online INBOX PHP Mailer Botnet Strong Energy Service Market Rent!

We provide variety of Mailing solutions but most of our customers prefer our PHP-based Mailer, the MassOptins™ PHP Mailer.

Using our mailer is as simple as typing a letter and clicking SEND. But for enterprises, our mailer's database integration capabilities are unparalled. You can create eye-catching HTML and Text-based emails, Personalised Subject Lines, and send each recipient just the file attachment they need. The mailer easily integrates directly with CSV, MS Access and Excel! It supports any data source via ODBC.

for Fast Sending, Easy Scheduling! It has the power to get the message out using a remote SMTP Server, Local SMTP or Mailer Express! Full ESMTP, SSL and TLS authentication support.

Mailer can generate up to 100 messages per second and is designed to take advantage of modern Multi-core CPU's. Or schedule multiple mailings to fire off as often as you like.

PHP Mailer is constantly updated and upgraded with new features, many taken from customer suggestions. We released Inbox Mailer Enterprise Edition v5.1 in September 2010 with full Windows Vista support, FREE with free lifetime upgrades for all our Leads & Email List customers. We now sell Inbox SMTPs (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to our esteemed customers. Please ask for our special offers on the same.

Our Mailer Features - Send 5,000 to 10,000 emails at a time.
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Immediate Setup. 100% Anonymous Mailing, Totally Safe.
Web-based Email Program - No Web Hosting Required.

Very Fast delivery service extra price [ 10 usd ] approx value

Contact Email

justforour @ rambler .ru

icq 662207445

Jabber[Crypt otr i accept support]

active@codingteam .net

Welcome Market Store Unique Coder Price Service

Code Grabber PANDORA 2017

Your price € 100 [This Model WORK ALL CARS 2017] Maximum Version This Complect
Availability: In stock

NEW model Code Grabber Pandora 2017

The functional device:

Graphical interface

40 memory cells

The range of receiving and sending the signal R = 100m

Auto mode (the ability to automatically record the decoded signal to the next cell)

feedback Jamming

Individual PIN for inclusion

Recent firmware updates for USB!

Supports list: the same as the previous version Code grabber Pandora DXL 2016/2017 plus additions

Model Work All cars on planet include Europe/Usa/And More Region private code include updates to our clients

1998 - 2005 years
AUDI A4, A4 Quattro
AUDI A6, A6 Quattro
AUDI A8, A8 Quattro
AUDI TT, TT Quattro
AUDI Allroad Quattro

Jaguar until 2008

FREELANDER (All before 2008)

SOLARIS checked for 2012, SOLARIS hastbek until 2012.

Rio - Dorestal and Raiding checked for December 2014 year

Mazda ( key Siemens 2010-2012 years old )

Accord 2003-2007
Stream 2003-2006
Jazz 2001-2008
Legend until 2007
CR-V 2002-2006
FR-V 2004-2008
HR-V 2001-2006

Sportage Until 2013


device PANDORA model EU17 DXL 2017 Code include All brand car system and tested and make work

Graphical interface

10 memory cells
The range of receiving and sending the signal R = 100m
Auto mode (the ability to automatically record the decoded signal to the next cell)
Feedback Jamming
Individual PIN for inclusion
Recent firmware updates for USB!

Support list:

Toyota Verso 2009-2014
Toyota Auris 1 2006-2012
Toyota Auris 2 2012-2014
Toyota Avensis 1,2,3 by 2014
Toyota Corolla to 2014
Toyota Yaris 2010-2014

Land Cruiser 100
4 - Runner
Toyota Yaris
Lexus RX 300 - 330,400h
Lexus LX470
1997 - 2008 (except smarts)

Fiesta to 2010
Focus to 2010
C-Max to 2010
S-Max to 2010
Galaxy to 2010
Kuga to 2010
Mondeo to 2010
Mondeo MK4 to 2011

Golf 4
Golf 5
Golf 5+
Passat B5 +
(All inclusive 2008)

(All to 2008)

Santa Fe 2001-2006
Santa Fe 2006-2012
IX35 (to 2013)
I30 2007-2012
I20 2009-2012
Trajet 2001-2007

(All to 2008)

(All to 2008)

B9 Tribe
(All to 2010)


A4 until 2001
A6, A8, TT until 2004
Seat Exeo 3R (2008-2011)

Seat Exeo 3R2 (2011-2013)

Audi A2 8Z (1999-2005)

Audi A4 8E (2000-2004)

Audi A4 8E2 (2004-2008)

Audi S4 8E (2000-2004)

Audi S4 8E2 (2004-2008)

Audi RS4 8E (2004-2008)

Accord 2003-2007
Stream 2003-2006
Jazz 2001-2008
Legend until 2007
CR-V 2002-2006
FR-V 2004-2008
HR-V 2001-2006

Ceed 2006-2014
Sportage until 2014
Sorento EX 2002-2009
New Sorento (to 2010)
Rio (to 2012)

(All to 2007)

Mazda 3 2007-2012 (partly, ~ 50%)
Mazda 6 2007-2012 (partly, ~ 50%)

BMW 3 E46 to 2003 some up to 2005 - the ones to 433MHz
BMW 5 E39 to 2003
BMW 7 E38 to 2003
BMW X5 E53 up to 2003 some up to 2005 - those to 433MHz
BMW X3 to 2005 (433MHz)

Freelander II

Lada Kalina
Lada Priora
Lada Granta
Uaz Patriot
Niva Chevrolet

Pajero (to 2012)
Pajero Sport (2011)
L 200

include private code active




Price 100 usd

Product Description

Mode number 1

Aston Martin

DB9 2004-2010 г.

=== Audi ===

A6, TT up to 2005 г.

=== Subaru ===

B9 Tribeka




up to 2008 г. some models up to 2010-2012 г.

=== FORD ===

EXPLORER up to 2014

Mondeo MK4 up to 2011

Fiesta up to 2010, 2014

Fusion up to 2010

Focus up to 2010

C-Max up to 2010

S-Max up to 2010

Galaxy up to 2010

Kuga up to 2010

Mondeo up to 2010


=== Jaguar ===






(ALL up to 2008 г.)

=== TOYOTA===

TOYOTA PRADO works 50/50

TOYOTA RAV4 works 50/50


LEXUS RX 300 works 50/50

LEXUS GX works 50/50

ALL up to 2008 г.

Toyota Avensis 2– 2003-2008

Toyota Auris 1 2006-2012

Toyota Verso 2009-2014 —all algorythms

Toyota Avensis 3– 2008-2014

Toyota Auris 2 2012-2014

Toyota Avensis 3 2008-2014

Toyota Corolla 2013-2014

Toyota Yaris 2010-2014—all algorythms

=== Land Rover ===



(ALL up to 2008 г.)


SOLARIS tested up to 2014 г.


KIA Rio —up to restyled and restyled. tested up to 2014 г.

KIA Sorento up to 2012 г.

KIA Venga


GREAT WALL HOVER up to 2009 г.

CHERY (Russian market 433,92Mhz+ 315Mhz US market)

GEELY GC-6 –Englon, Geely Emgrand, Changan CS35

Non-factory system

1. A.P.S. (all models keeloq except 7000-9000)

2. AL998RS RT

3. Alligator (ALL up additional remotes keeloq)

4. Alligator (ALL keeloq pagers with LCD)

5. Alligator (ALL keeloq pagers with LED except S-275,S-250)

6. Alligator(with bi-directional pagers and new coding,seriesS-400 2-WAY)

7. Alligator(with bi-directional pagers and new coding,seriesS-875RS 2-WAY)

8. Anaconda

9. APS 2800 (New models)

10. APS 7100-9000 (New models)

11. Bagira BS AME-002

12. Berkut (additional remotes)

13. Berkut (pagers)

14. black bug green

15. black bug red

16. Black Bug Super (with red LED)

17. Bruin

18. caesar

19. Cenmax (HIT-320 keeloq models)

20. Cenmax A-700

21. Cenmax A-900

22. Cenmax Vigilant MT-7

23. Cenmax Vigilant MT-8

24. Cenmax Vigilant ST-10

25. Cenmax Vigilant ST-5

26. Cenmax Vigilant ST-7

27. Cenmax Vigilant V-7

28. Cenmax VT-200

29. Cenmax VT-210

30. Cesar Magnum (included in Caesar Satellite)

31. Challenger (all models of keeloq)

32. Cheetah CM-110

33. Cheetan cm-215

34. Сlifford (1996)

35. Сlifford (1998) – (algorhytm)

36. Convoy

37. Convoy 200,

38. CYCLON RS-1000,

39. DaVINCI PHI-300

40. DaVINCI PHI-310

41. DaVINCI PHI-325

42. Duplex

43. Eaglemaster

44. Enforcer

45. Excalibur

46. Fighter

47. Fighter

48. Ford Legend

49. Ford Legend 400

50. Fortress

51. Fortress (partially)

52. Gorgon (with red LED )

53. Harpoon BS1000

54. hover

55. HYUNDAI Godzila

56. Inspector

57. Inspector

58. Jaguar (all modelskeeloq)

59. K9

60. KGB (FX-7) – Writing from the “kick” possible

61. KGB (additional remotes with old models included)

62. KGB (bi-directional pagers, tested on VS-4000)

63. Leopard

64. Leopard LS-70 – AutoStart mode is possible.

65. Leopard LS-90 – AutoStart mode is possible.

66. Mongoose

67. mongoose

68. Mongoose (new coding)

69. Mongoose EMS 1.7

70. Mongoose EMS 1.9

71. Mongoose EMS 7.0

72. Mystery

73. Mystery (pager with LEDs) – Writing from the “kick” possible

74. Mystery Chameleon Z4 (AM)

75. Mystery Chameleon Z9

76. Mystery (small remotes)

77. Pandora (RX)

78. Pantera (SX)

79. Pantera (with bi-directional pagers up to series 5 inclusive!)

80. Pantera (with bi-directional pagers and new coding,seriesSLK-350SC )

81. pantera 320-big remote or pager

82. pantera 320-small remote with different coding algorhytm

83. Pantera CLK-650 (New models)

84. Pantera QX-240

85. Pantera QX-250

86. Pantera QX-270

87. Pantera QX-44

88. Pantera SLK-355 (New models)

89. Pantera SLR-5650 (New models)

90. Pantera SLR-5755G (New models)

91. Pantera with bi-directional pagers and new coding,series SLK-675RS )

92. Partisan

93. Phantom F-635LCD

94. Phantom F-731

95. Pharaon

96. PRESTIGE TS556S – (static)

97. Red Scorpio (KeeLoq)

98. Red Scorpio от 900…(New models)

99. ReeF (with red LED)

100. Sheriff (all modelskeeloq) AutoStart.

101. Sheriff (с with new dynamic code)

102. Sheriff ZX-1070

103. Sheriff ZX-1090

104. Sheriff ZX-750

105. Sheriff ZX-930

106. Sheriff ZX-940

107. Sheriff ZX-999

108. Sher-Khan Logicar 1 (codingMAGIC CODE PRO-2 AM)

109. Sher-Khan Logicar 2(codingMAGIC CODE PRO-2 AM)

110. Sher-Khan Logicar 3(codingMAGIC CODE PRO-2 AM

111. Sher-Khan Logicar 4(codingMAGIC CODE PRO-2 AM)

112. Sher-Khan Logicar I3 (codingMAGIC CODE PRO-3 AM)

113. Sher-Khan Logicar I4 (codingMAGIC CODE PRO-3 AM)

114. Sher-Khan Logicar I5 (codingMAGIC CODE PRO-3 AM)

115. Sher-Khan Logicar I6 (codingMAGIC CODE PRO-3 AM)

116. Sirio 777

117. Sky M1

118. StarLine C4 Dialog (additional remote)

119. StarLine C6 Dialog (pagers and additional remotes)

120. StarLine C9 Dialog (pagers and additional remotes)

121. StarLine Twage A4

122. StarLine Twage А2

123. StarLine Twage А6

124. StarLine Twage А8

125. StarLine Twage А9

126. StarLine Twage В6 (blue pager)

127. StarLine Twage В6 (black remote)

128. StarLine Twage В6(additional remote)

129. StarLine Twage В9 (conversational blue pager)

130. StarLine-Twage В9 (additional remote) – Writing from the “kick” possible

131. StarLine-Twage В9 (black pager) – Writing from the “kick” possible

132. Sword rs-50

133. Sword sw-20


135. Teea (Chinese market)

136. Tiger (partially,keeloq QS,MM1)

137. Tomahawk (Х-series)

138. Tomahawk KeeLoq LR-950LE- AutoStart mode is possible.

139. Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7000 – AutoStart mode is possible.

140. Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7010 – AutoStart mode is possible.

141. Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7020 – AutoStart mode is possible.

142. Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7030 – AutoStart mode is possible.

143. Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9000 – AutoStart mode is possible.

144. Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9010 – AutoStart mode is possible.

145. Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9020 – AutoStart mode is possible.

146. Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9030 – AutoStart mode is possible.

147. TR03B1 – (algorhytm)

148. Whister (CANADA) – (static)

149. Zorro

Mode 2

Sher-Khan IV, 4, 5, 6, PRO – 7, 8, PRO2 – 9,10, PRO3-11,12, Magicar и Magic Seven , Easycar 700, 710

Mode 3

Russian cars—Priora, Kalina, Granta, NIVA Chevrolet, UAZ Patriot (Datsun and Gazel)

Mode 4

Lifan х-60— factory alarm tested on 2014 г. Lifan Solano, Geely прием 315-433.92Mhz

Mode 5

Mongoose 7.0

Mazda 3 – 6, CX7, RX8– (both key and keycard supported. Frequencies; EU-433,92 and US market- 315Mhz) ALL up to 2012 m.y.

N1 Simens key, N2 Visteon key , N3 Mitsubishi key

=== Hyundai ===

Elantra tested 2013

Solaris tested 2015

Solaris key for START-STOP button (without keyless go)

Santa Fe 2001-2006

Santa Fe 2006-2012

Sonata 2006 -2015

I10 2007-2012

I30 2007-2012

I20 2009-2012

IX35 up to 2014

Trajet 2001-2007

Tucson up to 2016


Suzuki Liana tested 2008

=== Honda ===

Accord 2003-2007

Stream 2003-2006

Jazz 2001-2008

Legend up to 2007

CR-V 2002-2006

FR-V 2004-2008

HR-V 2001-2006

=== KIA ===

KIA Sportage up to 2014-15
Ceed 2006-2012
Sorento EX 2002-2009
new Sorento (tested on 2015)
Rio (tested on 2012)
KIA Ceed 2012-2014
KIA Soul
KIA Optima

Magentis 2006-2010


KIA Carens






2012-2014 г.

Exactly same diesel models work ok


Pajero (tested on 2012)

Pajero Sport (tested on 2011)

L 200 TRITON restyle 2015



Mode 6

Volkawagen Golf Mk4 2002-2004

Volkswagen Polo 2004-2009

Volkswagen Transporter T5

Scoda Fabia 2001-2008

Scoda Felicia 1999-one key

Volkswagen Beetle 2005-2009 (some models)

Volkswagen Golf Mk4 2002-2004 (some models)

Volkswagen Passat 2000-2005

Volkswagen Polo 2003-2009

Caddy 2004-2010

EOS 2006-2010

Golf+ 2005-2009

Golf/R32/GTI/Rabbit 2006-2009

Golf/Variant/4Motion 2004-2009

Jetta 2005-2010

Jetta Variant 2008-2009

Jetta/syncro 2006-2010

Scirocco 2009-2010

Tiguan 2008-2010

Touran 2003-2010

Volkswagen Sharan 2009

Seat Alhambra 2009-2010

And some more models include 2017

Mode 7

Automated barriers,shutters and garage doors

Came TOP, Came TAM, Came Atomo, AN Motors, Doorhan, DEA, GSN, Nice Smilo, Nice Flo, Nice Flors, Mutan Code, Scorpion, GiBiDi, Faac 433 ,Kiron




Your price: € 170

Availability: In stock

Scher-Khan Code Grabber AM FM 433 - 434 Mhz

The functional device:
Operating range of signal reception 433,92 and 434 mhz
Operating and display functions of the original remote control
PIN code on the device
LED Indication
4 memory
Convenient and easy control
Features autoplay and open the trunk

Support List:
Additional alarm
1) Sheriff (all lineup keeloq) autostart.
2) Alligator (all extra keeloq keychains)
3) A.P.S. (The entire range except keeloq 7000-9000)
4) Jaguar (all lineup keeloq)
5) Alligator (all pagers keeloq LCD display)
6) Alligator (all pagers with LEDs keeloq except S-275, S-250)
7) Challenger (all lineup keeloq)
8) Pantera QX-240
9) Pantera QX-250
10) Pantera QX-270
11) Pantera QX-44
12) Mongoose
13) Duplex
14) Pantera (SX)
15) Fighter
16) Cenmax (HIT-320 keeloq model)
17) Pantera (pagers with feedback and including a series of 5 ...!)
18) Pharaon
19) KGB (additional charms, including older models)
20) Berkut (additional key fobs)
21) Berkut (pagers)
22) KGB (pagers feedback tested for VS-4000)
23) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7000 - autostart possible.
24) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9000 - autostart possible.
25) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9010 - autostart possible.
26) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7010 - autostart possible.
27) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7020 - autostart possible.
28) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7030 - autostart possible.
29) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9020 - autostart possible.
30) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9030 - autostart possible.
31) Tomahawk KeeLoq LR-950LE- possible autorun.
32) HYUNDAI Godzila
33) Pandora (RX)
34) Leopard
35) Red Scorpio (KeeLoq)
36) Inspector
37) Cenmax Vigilant MT-7
38) Cenmax A-700
39) Cenmax A-900
40) Cenmax VT-200
41) Cenmax VT-210
42) Partisan
43) StarLine Twage A6
44) StarLine Twage A8
45) StarLine Twage A9
46) StarLine Twage B6 (Black Keychain)
47) StarLine Twage B6 (dop.brelok)
48) StarLine Twage B6 (blue pager)
49) StarLine-Twage B9 (Black pager) - Can record with a kick.
50) StarLine-Twage B9 (dop.brelok) - Can record with a kick.
51) Cenmax Vigilant ST-5
52) Cenmax Vigilant ST-7
53) Cenmax Vigilant ST-10
54) Cenmax Vigilant V-7
55) Cenmax Vigilant MT-8
56) Phantom F-731
57) Phantom F-635LCD
58) KGB (FX-7) - Can record with a kick.
59) ReeF (with red LED)
60) Gorgon (with red LED)
61) Black Bug Super (with red LED)
62) Fortress (partial)
63) Twage StarLine B9 (Blue interactive pager)
64) Eaglemaster
65) Tiger (partially, keeloq QS, MM1)
66) StarLine Twage A2
67) StarLine Twage A4
68) Pantera (with feedback pagers, c new encoding, SLK-350SC series)
69) Pantera with feedback pagers, new c-coded series SLK-675RS)
70) Alligator (with feedback pagers, c new encoding, the S-400 2-WAY)
71) Alligator (with feedback pagers, new c-coded series of S-875RS 2-WAY)
72) Sheriff (with the new dynamic code CFM model ZX-1055RS and CONT)
73) Mystery (pager with LEDs) - can be recorded with a kick.
74) Leopard LS-70 - autostart possible.
75) Leopard LS-90 - autostart possible.
76) Tomahawk (X-series)
77) K9
78) Slifford (1998) - (algorithm)
79) Slifford (1996) - (static)
80) Sirio 777
81) Excalibur
83) Bruin
84) Fortress
85) Zorro
86) Omega
87) Centurion RT1758-20S
88) Visonic WT201-A- (static)
89) ROLLINS M54AB - (algorithm, not KeeLoq)
90) ROLLINS M52AB - (algorithm, not KeeLoq)
91) ROLLINS M77AB - (algorithm, not KeeLoq)
92) PRESTIGE TS556S - (static)
93) Whister (CANADA) - (static)
94) AL998RS RT - (static)
95) SKYNET- (algorithm)
96) TR03B1 - (algorithm)
97) MED (tested on 2007).
98) Pantera SLR-5650 (new series)
99) Pantera SLR-5755G (new series)
100) Pantera CLK-650 (new series)
101) APS 7100-9000 (new series)
102) Fighter
103) Inspector (FM) 2004. - (Static)
104) Enforcer
105) APS 2800 (new series)
106) Pantera SLK-355 (new series)
107) Red Scorpio 900 ... (new series)
108) Anaconda
109) Sword sw-20
110) Mongoose EMS 1.7
111) Mongoose EMS 1.9
112) Mongoose EMS 7.0 (FM)
113) Cheetan cm-215 (FM)
114) Teea (Chinese)
115) StarLine C6 Dialog (pagers and additional key fobs)
116) StarLine C9 Dialog
(Pagers and additional key fobs)
117) Sky M1
118) Convoy
119) Mongoose (new encoding)
120) StarLine C4 Dialog (additional key fobs)
121) Mystery Chameleon Z9 (FM)
122) Cheetah CM-110
123) Sheriff ZX-930 (CFM)
124) Sheriff ZX-750 (CFM 2)
125) Harpoon BS1000
126) Harpoon BS2000
127) Sheriff ZX-940
128) Sheriff ZX-999
129) Bagira BS AME-002
130) Mystery Chameleon Z4 (AM)
131) Sheriff ZX-1070
132) Sheriff ZX-1090
133) Cesar Magnum (part of the Caesar Satelite)
134) Scher-Khan Magicar 3
135) Scher-Khan Magicar 4
136) Scher-Khan Magicar 5
137) Scher-Khan Magicar 6
138) Scher-Khan Magicar 7
139) Scher-Khan Magicar 8
140) Scher-Khan Magicar A, B, Vegas
141) Scher-Khan C, D
142) Scher-Khan Magicar 7H (encoding MAGIC CODE ™ PRO)
143) Scher-Khan Magicar 8H (encoding MAGIC CODE ™ PRO)
144) Scher-Khan Magicar 9 (encoding MAGIC CODE ™ PRO)
145) Scher-Khan Magicar 10 (encoding MAGIC CODE ™ PRO)
146) Scher-Khan Logicar 1 (AM)
147) Scher-Khan Logicar 2 (AM)
148) Scher-Khan Logicar 3 (AM)
149) Scher-Khan Logicar 4 (AM)

And private code include



GSM-GPS-WiFi Jammer



Your price: € 110

Availability: In stock

8 Antennas // 8 Bands jammer

Affect freqencies:
4GLTE:725-770MHZ or 790-826MHZ,
4GWIMAX:2345-2400MHZ or 2496-2690MHZ,
LOJACK:160MHz - 175MHz

1.With nylon cover, easy to carry.
2. Configured to block eight different frequency bands continuously or simultaneously.
3.With DIP Switch.Separete swicth for each band,accopanied with a working LED light.
4.Total RF output power up tp 5.5 watt.
5.Could be used in car directly. With car charger and AC charger.

6.. With Built-in Battery: 4000mA/h.Charge full time about 4Hours.Working time: 1-2Hours.

7.Simple battery replacement.
8. Inside cooling fans and heat sink design ensure the device to work continuously.

Tags: gsm jammer | gps jammer | universal jammer | 8 bands jammer | multijammer


GPS-GSM- LoJack Jammer

Your price: € 140
Availability: In stock


Cover interface standard

CDMA/GSM : 850 to 960MHz
DCS: 1,805 to 1,880MHz
PCS:1900 to 1990MHz
3G: 2,110 to 2,170MHz
GPS : 1500 to 1600MHz

Total output power: 2.5W ,Small size design so the temperature is a bit higher
Jamming range: up to 20m, the jamming radius still depends on the strength signal in given area
External Omni-directional antennas all the TX frequency covered down link only
Power supply: 50 to 60Hz, 100 to 240V AC
With AC adapter (AC100-240V-DC12V),3500mA/H battery
Dimension: 119x74x29mm and not include antennas
Full set weight: 0.75kg

Multiple bands cover cellphone, 3G ,GPS,LOJACK bands
High output power
Cooling fan inside , Could be used in car directly,With car charger and AC charger
With Built-in Battery:3200mA/h,Charge full time about 4Hours,Working time:1-2Hours.

Application Area:
it can be applied at meeting rooms, conference rooms, trains, bus and more
For some locations of special purpose such as hospitals, gas stations and more, Please do field test first to make sure no interference happened to the normal operation of their equipment and instrument

Warranty: One year from delivery date.

Tags: all bands jammer | lojack jammer | gps jammer | gsm jammer | alarm jammer



High Power Jammer

Your price: € 170
Availability: In stock



Affect frequency

CDMA 800: 850 to 894MHz
GSM 900: 925 to 960MHz
GSM 1800: 1,805 to 1,880MHz (DCS)
GSM 1900: 1,920 to 1,990MHz (PCS)
3G: 2,110 to 2,170MHz
4G LTE:725-770MHZ(America Standard)
Or 790-826MHZ(European Standard)
4GWimax:2345-2400MHZ(America Standard)
Or 2620-2690MHZ(European Standard)
LOJACK or 433 or 315
You can select 12 of above frequency bands you need in a jammer
ODM and OEM orders are welcome
Total output power: 25-30W
Jamming range: up to 20-70m, the jamming radius still depends on the strength signal in given area
External Omni-directional antennas all the TX frequency covered down link only
Power supply: 50 to 60Hz, 100 to 240V AC
With AC adapter (AC100-240V-DC12V),
Dimension: 330x 238 x 60mm
Full set weight: 5.0kg

1.Good cooling system with cooling fan inside
2.Can adjust or turn off any single band without influencing the other bands operation
3.Work non-stopped
4.Stable capability
5.Could be used in car directly,With car charger.
Application Area: can be applied at meeting rooms, conference rooms, museums, galleries, theaters, concert halls, churches, temples, restaurants, classrooms, training centers, factories, banks, trains, bus and more
2.For some locations of special purpose such as hospitals, gas stations and more, Please do field test first to make sure no interference happened to the normal operation of their equipment and instrument
Warranty: One year from delivery date.

Tags: all bands jammer | high power jammer | universal jammer | alarm jammer | camera jammer



14 Band Jammer


Your price: € 177
Availability: In stock

Adjustable 14 Band Jammer designed to block all wireless Networks including ALL 2G,3G,4G cellular bands Lojack 173Mhz .433Mhz,315Mhz GPS,Wi-Fi,VHF ,UHF ,iDen, TDMA,CDMA, GSM, UMTS, DCS, PHS, PCS, 3G, 4Glte,4G Wimax ,AMPS, N-AMPS, NMT, TACS. Telephones or other electronic communication devices in the vicinity of CPJ-X14 product will be unable to receive signals or in the case of a mobile phone, dial outgoingcalls. The jamming Radius (50-80) meters@-75dBm still dependson the strength signal in given area. The shielding radius of VHF/UHF signal should be less than cell phone signal. the CPJ-X14 Series that fits the appropriate commercial or institutional application.
* Movie theaters, hospitals, Religious Places, churches
*university, schools, classrooms, libraries
*police forces and military, Government,
* Inside jails. Prisons
* Homeland Security
* Correctional Centers
* Petrochemical Industry
* Sports Venues and Theaters
* VIP Convoy Protection
* Bomb Prevention/Disposal
* Schools and Universities
* Power Generating Plants

* adjustable 14Band Jammer
* Blocks all cellular lojack ,433Mhz,315Mhz ,WI-FI,3G,4G ,VHF ,UHF ,iDen, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, UMTS,
* Up to Four (14) Frequency Bands; 2.5W/Band total 35Walt
* adjustable output power each band / turn on/off each band Separately
* Omini-Antennas with min. 2.5dBi each Band
* only Interferes w/Downlink Base Station Frequencies
* Slow Start-up Circuitry for Long Term Reliability
* Over Temperature and VSWR Protection
*Power Supply Source :50/60Hz/AC100-240V To DC 12V/6A Only can be working on DC12V
* Demension(LXWLH):720mmx238mmx60mm
*The jamming Radius (50-80) meters@-75dBm still depends on the strength signal in given area

adjustable 14Band Jammer - All in one !
The Models Works in all countries and jamming for all 2G,3G,4G celluars ,Wi-Fi/Bluetooth,remote control433,315,868Mhz,gps,lojack wireless device.
detail frequency range :CDMA 851-894MHz, GSM 925-960MHz ,GSM(DCS) 1805-1880MHz GSM(pcs)1920-1990Mhz,3G(UMTS) 2110-2170MHz ,Wi-Fi 2400-2485Mhz,433Mhz,315Mhz,GPSL1 1575Mhz ,lojack173.3Mhz 4G Lte 725-770Mhz,4G Wimax2300-2400Mhz 2620-2645Mhz VHF135-175MHZ,UHF400-475MHZ
Wi-Fi 5.8G(optional) (we can do customize jammer,according to you request)
Tags: jammer | all band jammer | gps jammer | military jammer | bomb jammer | wifi jammer | 3g jammer

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