12 October 2017

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Service writing injects/ATS Banks Usa Au Ca Uk Eu Sale Logins Material/avtozaliv And Complects Master Botnet Grabber Pony Citadel Accept WMZ PM/BTC BITCOIN  

pleased to offer you the services in writing injects the following types: Avtozalivy / passives / aktivki. Grabbers. Interceptions / tokenki.
Substitution.And much more.

Basics of service!

[+]inject run on all popular Trojans Spyeye iceX Kins Zeus And EtcDuring the writing of a specific triple additional fee is not charged. [+] All inject distributed free warranty service within one month. Later, for a fee. [+] All inject come with a powerful and user-friendly admin panel.
demonstration how works?

this example simples what and how i make
And i selling materials logs botnet form graber to you
you must say your parametr i put my panel and give you infections grabber bots this parametr to you complects - grabber thanes / tan grabber (login info / balances / tans) - Interception / bypass + more functions i make
Really fast service,professional injects for each type of page - tokenka / bypass - tokenka / bypass
credit union canada login+pass+branch+answer - login+pass+questions/answers - AZ passive / passive ATS (within the bank / mezhiki / sepa all types including Express)

CA/canada pack

easyweb(TD) - login info/balance/holder name/questions/answers + replacer
rbc - login info/balance/holder name/questions/answers + replacer
bmo - login info/balance/questions/answers + replacer
bnc - login info/balance/questions/answers + replacer
scotiabank - login info/balance/questions/answers/access code + replacer
cibc - login info/balance/email/email password + replacer

Uk - grabber full info / full info grabber - AZ passive / passive ATS - AZ passive / passive ATS - AZ passive / passive ATS
This Professional creation and great support also service
respect my and your time, you have a lot,and I'm one! coder

This service only for serious customers

you must be sure that you have the money

Price and Payment

Accept payment via Wmz/PM/BTC Bitcoin

Contact give you if you interest


justforour @ rambler . ru

icq 662207445



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