Question: TestDome - Safe


15 February 2018

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Question: TestDome - Safe
Solution by Arash Partow 2014

The Safe class is used as a simulation for a bank safe. It needs to
satisfy the following conditions:

The getItems() property should return the content of the safe.

The addItem(item) method should add a new item to the safe. If the
safe is full, std::logic_error should be thrown.

The getDescription() method should return the safe's description.
If the safe is full, it should return "Safe is full"; otherwise, it
should return a message in the format "Safe: numOfItems/capacity".
For example, if the capacity of the safe is two and one item is
added, it should return: "Safe: 1/2".

Fix the bugs!

#include <stdexcept>
#include <vector>
#include <string>

class Safe

Safe(int capacity)
this->capacity = capacity;

int getCapacity() const
return capacity;

const std::vector<std::string>& getItems() const
return items;

void addItem(std::string item)
if (static_cast<int>(items.size()) >= capacity)
throw std::logic_error("Overfilled");


std::string getDescription()
if (static_cast<int>(items.size()) == capacity)
return "Safe is full";
return "Safe: " + std::to_string(items.size()) + "/" + std::to_string(capacity);


std::vector<std::string> items;
int capacity;


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