How To Hack Facebook Account Password Online for Free That Actually Work


13 July 2018

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Unlike the hundreds of websites on the internet which claim to hack a facebook account with one click, we do not boast such bogus claims. Instead we take time to study the facebook accounts we hack. It means that we look for vulnerabilities in the security of their account. We try various attacks an techniques and if successful, we get the email and password of the facebook of the victim.

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If you have read any where that it is possible to hack a facebook account in 2 minutes, it is not true. There is no way to hack into a facebook account in two minutes. Hacking process is neither this simple nor easy. It requires both patience and time before hackers can hack into any account. We take anywhere between 3 hours to 3 days to hack a facebook account if it is hackable. Not a single hacking method available is efficient enough to crack the facebook password in 2 minutes. Our most efficient method is through a phishing attack which requires a good amount of time. However, one of our methods include generic password trying which includes trying a number of passwords which people most commonly use. This method leads a very fast result and can hack within minutes.

Throughout the process, you remain completely anonymous. All you need to do is provide us with the victims Facebook Address. At any moment we are processing approximately 70-80 Hacking requests. Your request is queued and you can use the ticket number to find out the status of your request. Please note that you can only view the ticket entring box if you open this website from

Over the years, we have gathered an enourmous list of methods to hack a facebook account. Hacking of any sort requires time and skills. An amateur can not hack facebook accounts so we do it on your behalf.


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