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11 September 2018

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Greetings citizens, welcome to ZeroSec Deeapstate Dox 28: Bilderbergs part two. Bilderbergs subsist on strike strategy in power vacuums. Before the reference name 'Bilderbergs' those henchmen usurped post World War 2 European power in the battle torn radical working class pushed passed conventional repression.

By contrast America's World War Two industrialization put the United States in position for world market dominance.

America was therefore introduced to a plethora of world market trade deals which stripped dominance and put the economy back in the hands of a few by destroying the tradition of American Isolationism. There was a great work moving isolationist America back to foreign expansionism and then making that expansionism in behalf of corporate dominance now coined as 'American Imperialism'. The Bilderbergs simultaneously sold Europe into international engagements as strengthening its radical working class and conversely told America these foreign engagements strengthened freedom, democracy and the American way.

May 8 1946 in the British Council on Foreign Relations called Chatham House a Pole named Joseph Retinger started the New World Order with the consolidation of Europe.

Joseph outlined a plan for a federal Europe in which the states would relinquish their sovereignty. Retinger then co-founded Bilderbergs with Nazi Prince Bernhard. Retinger was secretary general of the Independent League for European Co-operation ILEC, run by the Belgian Prime Minister Paul van Zeeland. Retinger was a White Supremacist and so were the aims of his projects. The initial roundtable for the European Council which became the Bilderbergs was: Leffingwell running JP Morgan and the Council on Foreign Relations; John McCloy who took over Chairing the Council on Foreign Relations and started the OSS

McCloy passed the CFR baton another Retinger player David Rockefeller who turned the OSS into the CIA from his shadows laying the foundation for the Bilderbergs.

Retinger brought in Sir William Wallace partner in Kuhn Loeb later known as Lehman Brothers who was running MI6- the British CIA blueprint.

Retinger brought in Secretary of State John Foster Dulles whose sadistic CIA brother Allan Dulles completed a sibling dynamo that blew presidential authority away.

Retinger brought in George Franklin the executive director of the Council on Foreign Relations and later Trilateral Commission coordinator. Along with controlling shadow governments were industry titans like General Motors' Alfred Sloan, closet eugenicist Henry Ford, American Rolling Mills president Charles Hook and so forth. Thus was formed the European Movement (whose first congress at the Hague in 1948 is- the origin of the Council of Europe). With such terrifying members the velvet sledgehammer of stripping sovereignty so well laid out in Zbrzezinski's later works through the Bilderberg splinter group Trilateral Commission- came into effect: and it all started with the European Council. The European Council has all European leader members controlled and thus the European Union.

However the Council appeared democratic as there were leader representing countries. Fast forward to November 2009, the group hosted a dinner meeting at the Château of Val-Duchesse, the lush mansion-castle of Belgium royalty, to install Herman Van Rompuy as the first President of the European Council. Like Senator Palpatine the intra-capitalist and inter-corporate strategic Bilderbergs from which wider 'democratic' interference is carefully excluded, took crisis chaos, in this case the 2008 financial crash, and used it to seize hierarchy over the collective.

The reason we say Bilderbergs are the Deepstate is this unelected body co-ordinates strategic policy and power at international levels. We know Congress fed on lobbyists tits serve corporate masters. Unseen is no Congress truly discusses policy: that happens at Bilderberg meetings. The word 'state' in 'deep state' needs revision. Bilderbergs are focused on exclusionist playing fields: where society is repelled. The Deepstate has no patriotic duty, constitution or people: a very dangerous body to wield such power. We are not Jesus and have not Alzheimer's. Expect us.


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