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15 September 2018

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Trophies are won or lost through multiplayer battles, a player wins a battle by destroying more towers than the opponent (each destroyed tower being represented as a 'crown'), or by destroying the opponent's King's Tower, resulting in an automatic "three-crown" victory (unless the King's Tower was destroyed at the same time by both players, resulting in a draw).

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I'm in Arena 3 at the moment, and have two of my slots basically permanently taken up by Arena 1 new game is far more interesting and much more fun then Clash of Clans as per the first looks provided by the Supercell.Instead of building a village like in Clash of Clans, you collect cards (and buy more) to level up each character.

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You can take advantage of this friendly yet the most efficient hack tool online on the go. If you have mobile gadget with the Internet connection or Internet browser in your laptop or computer, then you can use this Hack für Clash Royale from anywhere at any time.
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