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15 September 2018

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After devoting few months of daily battles you've realized that the game has gotten extremely competitive and the only way to make real progress is not through optimizing, growing and mastering your deck, but through upgrading your relatively limited existing set of 50 or so cards.

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I will provide you with fresh screenshot below the post that i took when i was trying this newer version of Clash Royale private server.Please keep in mind that getting this game to work is just your luck because the server is always flooded with alot of users and most of the times its down because of it, this game does work but sometimes it may even take a whole day of trying to make it work and sometimes it might work at first or second try.

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Also, the tournaments and special events will be locked as you will start from level 3, so you will need to reach level 5 to unlock it. It looks like the Touchdown mode has not been added but according to null's the TouchDown mode and new upcoming Clash Royale cards are added.

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I bet you've wanted to know how to get free chests in Clash Royale since you first started playing the game After all, chests have it all : gems, gold, cards and more importantly, legendary cards There are various types of chests in-game, ranging from the free,basic chests that everyone gets once in a while to the mega magical chest, the one chest that contains the best of everything : cards, loads of gems, stacks of gold (not that you will need currency if you make use of the clash royale hack shared here) and more importantly, these chests have the highest chances of Legenday Cards rewards.
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