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16 September 2018

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Advanced Databases
Essential Reading:
Fundamentals of Database Systems, Elmasri, 2010
Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design, Implementation and Management, Connoly, Begg 2010
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Advanced Security 1
Essential Reading:
Cryptography and Network Security: Principles and Practice, Stallings 2005
Supplemental Reading:
Cryptography Engineering: Design Principles and Practical Applications, Ferguson, Schneier, Kohono 2010
Cryptography and Network Security, Forouzan 2008
Introduction to Cryptograpyh with Coding Theory, Trappe, Washington 2006
(this is a free download link)

Machine Learning for Data Analytics
Essential Reading:
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, Russell, Norvig 2010
(this is a free download link)
Supplemental Reading:
Introduction to Machine Learning, Alpaydin 2010
Machine Learning, Mitchell 1997
Artificial Intelligence: Structures and Strategies for Complex Problem Solving, Luger, Wesley 2005
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning, Bishop, Springer 2006
Artificial Intelligence Jornal (Elsevier)
Jornal of Artificial Intelligence Research

Distributed Systems
Essential reading:
Distributed Systems: Concepts and designs, Coulouris, Dollimore, Kindberg 2004
Distributed Computing: Principles and Applications, Liu 2003
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Final Year Project
The Project Guidelines, Paul doyle 2010
Not found
A guide to the Project Managment Body of Knowledge: Course Technology, Schwalbe 2005
The Elements of Style, Strunk, White 2000
The Craft of Research, colomb, Williams 2003
A Practical Guide to Research Methods: A User Friendly Manual for Mastering Research Techniques and Projects, Dawson 2005
Supplemental Reading:
Evaluating software Architectures Methods Studies, Clements, Kazman, Klein 2003
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Essential Reading:
Computer Forensics: Principles and Practices, Volonino, Anzaldua, Godwin 2007
Not Found
File System Forensic Alalysis, Carrier 2005
Supplemental reading:
Real Digital Forensics: Computer Security and Incidence Response, Jones, Bejtlich, Rose 2005
Not Found
Computer Forensics: Incidence Response Essentials, Kruse, Heiser 2001
Not found
Handbook of Computer Crime Investigation: Forensic Tools and Technology, Casey 2001
Not Found

Games Engines 1
Essential Reading:
Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 10, Luna, Jones, Bartlett 2008
Games Physics Engine Development, Second Edition: How to Build a Robust Commercial-Grade Physics Engine for your Game, Millington, Kaufmann 2010
(not sure if this is correct version but only one I could find)
Supplemental Reading:
Advanced Animation with DirectX (Focus on Game Development), Adams 2003
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Bioinformatics 1
Essential Reading:
Understanding Bioinformatics, Zvelebil, Baum 2007
Not found
Practical Bioinformatics, Agostino 2012
Not Found
Introduction to Bioinformatics, Lesk 2008
Essentials of Genetics, Cummins, Pearsons 2010
Biocomputing and Perl, Moorehouse, Barry 2004
Supplemental Reading:
A Practical Guide to the analysis of Genes and Proteins, Baxevanis, Ouellette 2005
Bioinformatics database website:

Image Processing
Essential Reading:
Digital Image Processing, An Algorithmic Approach with Matlab, Chapman&Hall
Not Found
Digital Image Processing - Gonzalez, Woods
Supplemental Reading:
Machinevision: Automated Visual Inspection and Robot Vision, Prentice Hall: Vernon 1991

Rich Web Application Technology
Essentail Reading:
Programming Ruby, 2nd Edition, Thoman, Fowler, Hunt
Head First Python 3rd Edition, Barry 2010
AJAX: The Definitive guide, Holdener 2008
Enterprise Development with Flew 1st Edition, Fain, Rasputnis, Tarakovsky
Supplemental Reading:
Tomcat: The Definitive Guide, Darwin, Brittain
Learning Flex 4, Cole, Robison
Not Found
Web Security, Privacy & Commerce, Gerfinkel, Spafford



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