SD-WAN VS MPLS – Which is better for your Business?


09 October 2018

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What Is SD-WAN?
For businesses looking for more open, flexible, and affordable cloud-based WAN technology, SD-WAN offers the best option. A majority of businesses have already switched from MPLS to the Managed SD-WAN services.

how does SD-WAN work? SD-WAN brings together all layers of connection such as MPLS, phone systems, and LTE into a single software-controlled WAN. Unlike MPLS, the broadband allocation is flexible.

SD-WAN VS MPLS: Which Is Better For My Business?
SD-WAN vs MPLS, it is clear that SD-WAN is a better choice for growing businesses. SD-WAN benefits such as ease of deployment, global availability, and cost of agility are hard to ignore. MPLS is ideal for companies with older technology that require low packet arrival time.

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