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10 November 2018

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Who produces the food we eat? Do you know any National level player? Any content from third party are property of respective third party, governed by third parties legal information, published here with third party's grant and are available only for reference purpose - From Civildatas Team. Do all crops need the same amount of water?

What are types of acid rain? Do boys and girls play together? Questions provided here are the Expected questions that are possible to be appeared in the upcoming exams.

Please check website URL - Discuss about the prime characteristics of i. What are hotspots of biodiversity?

This move will help more than 80 lakh students to get their documents like marksheets, migration certificates and passing certificates on the date of declaration of results itself. Have you heard of those personalities who lived in these monuments or who built these? Mention the sources, effects and control method of air pollution of various air pollutant. Mention the methods of disposal of radioactive wastage. Explain aerobic and anaerobic oxidation.


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