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10 November 2018

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However, due to the fact that she was locked in the Manor for almost all her life, Webby has trouble having fun and leads the boys into trouble. Meanwhile, Donald is dragged into a competition to settle a dispute between Scrooge and. Eventually Lena, torn between Magica's orders and her friendship with Webby, is able to stop the shark, saving both the ducks and the city. Upset at her niece's failure, Magica reminds Lena that her freedom is her true desire, so Lena begrudgingly decides to obey her.

Produced by , the series is a of the original 1987 series of. Meanwhile, Dewey and Webby face the McDuck Archives' dedicated keeper in order to gain information on Della and solve the mystery of her disappearance. Dewey, feeling ignored, sneaks into the pirate ship to get his alpaca wool hat back. The art style of the show is heavily influenced not just by ' original comics, but also some of Barks' paintings.

duck-tales Torrent Results - Working together, they find an image of the Spear of Selene. After defeating a rival spy, former chemist , Scrooge and Beakley are able to secure the page, containing the recipe for.

As they struggle to escape, Launchpad becomes more and more paranoid and its up to Dewey to help him come back to his senses. She attempts to expose Magica to Scrooge, before Magica possesses her body with her growing powers and swears to seek the dime herself. Huey and Webby argue over the creatures' existence, as Huey believes only in the things written in his Junior Woodchuck Guidebook and is afraid to do anything that doesn't follow the book's instructions. The presence of the newcomers rekindles Scrooge's spirit of adventure, leading the group to go on many new treasure-hunting expeditions. Though he loses the race, it's revealed that Beaks stole Gyro's robot technology, thanks to Fenton, who posted it on the internet; Launchpad and Fenton both apparently lose their jobs and end up humiliated. In Canada, the pilot premiered on on August 12 and the full series started on September 23, 2017. Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones grew up watching the original series and had always wanted to develop an updated version for a newer generation. When Scrooge goes missing and the guests turn out to be his worst enemies, Huey decides to solve the mystery, unaware that the ghost of Scrooge's faithful butler, the long deceased , is involved. Upon returning home, Scrooge finds a note from her saying if he ever wants any more gold in his life, he should come find her. Title Directed by Written by Storyboard by Original air date Prod.


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