Cm93 v2 2016


10 November 2018

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To make it easier, If there is enough interest, I will 1. I had a lot of trouble finding A copy of cm93 v2 and v4. They have been superceded several times with better encryption , but I dare say someone still owns the copywrite. The entire world is divided into 9 zones, and each zone is divided into several areas.

We found C-Map to be better and their charts on Android platforms not expensive. Generally in areas where only A or Z scale charts are available, expect potentially dangerous omissions. Store them in a place that is convenient for you and that is left alone by the operating system. Surely there would be some.

Backbearing - You can have multiple records in the main entry with the same fields.

We entered the narrow, dogleg we had left Los Frailes in the morning and done an overnight trip from Los Muertos in order to beat a Northerly, accurately predicted to come fiercely the next day. Thanks guys, you know who you are. They can be programmed to follow a coastline, or to cover an area. The newest file should be the date for your chart database most of the files should have very similar dates. Ask for my snail mail adress. The advertisers and the general community. You can now start using your charts. Supplementary data is not available due to space limitations.


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