Fs2004 no cd 4 patch


10 November 2018

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The installation has been cancelled. Calling someone the legal equal of a pirate without taking into context the entire picture seems more grandstanding than anything else.

Certainly when I first installed it this wasn't an issue. This will load it when needed.

9.1 NO CD IS OUT! - Then delete the one in your fs9 root file and replace with the new one All being well it should run without disc 4............

What I would add is that the 9. It does seem a bit stupid that the only way to play these old disc based games which you legally purchased is by using methods intended to circumvent the anti-piracy protection in the first place but hey ho. I am having the fs20004 problem and would appreciate some assistance.<br fs2004 installation has been cancelled. Okay, I have recently hit upon a small problem and am wondering if anyone else has - Patxh preview screen is now black for all aircraft. No other issues, everything else still works in game. I'm curious as to whether anyone else has had this happen recently as I suspect it's an nVidia driver update behind it. Certainly when I first installed it this wasn't an issue. As I said, everything else still works so it isn't a pahch issue. Just patcch of those niggles. As my win10pro build would not even read disk one to install, I installed on my win8. Transferred files to my build, downloaded update and patch Tom posted, loaded fine. Vid Drv problem I'm thinking. Havent flown online since 2005. I've read for a week and this thread is the only I've seen with a 2016 date that has got me closer to how it was!.
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