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10 November 2018

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Who is Xur?


What is Xur selling this week? He no longer visits the Tower, instead he opts to move around one of the four planets and moons we can play on. For the first year, his visits were exciting, but as time went on and Three of Coins was added, he no longer mattered.

We update it regularly, but it already has all the answers for your questions. Anyone who played the first Destiny game will no doubt be familiar with the tentacle-faced merchant who visited the Tower every week. Upgrading this gear will reset the progression for the item.

Who is Xur? - If you want to be constantly upping your arsenal of weapons, Xur's going to be your best friend.

To find out more or to opt-out, please read our. In addition, please read ourwhich has also been updated and became effective May 23rd, 2018. If you played D estiny, you may be familiar with Xur, the weekly exotic item merchant. This fan-favorite fusion rifle has two perks that make it special. When you fire Telesto, the fusion rifle particles attach to the enemy and explode. Telesto is easily one of the most fun weapons to use in Destiny 2. But more importantly, Telesto simply feels exotic every time you fire it. Its intrinsic perk is Rapid Cooldown. When sprinting, your dodge, melee, and grenade energy will rapidly recharge. Dodging will also increase your sprint speed. The actual usefulness of the perk is a whole different question, however. This time around, Eternal Warrior the Resolute intrinsic perk. This is a location exotic to place. Activating your super already gives you bonus defense, so an overshield would make you essentially invincible. Its exotic perk, Tome of Sacred Dawn, allows you to hover while aiming in the air, keeping you suspended for a short period of time. The more precision destinies you get like this, the longer you stay up. Wings of Sacred Dawn is very fun to use but requires you to equip Dawnblade. Thankfully, Dawnblade has recently been buffed, making it far more viable than it used to be. If you like floating in the air and flinging fire, check this exotic out. If you find yourself drowning in legendary shards and missing a few key exotics, this is a pretty great way to spend your shards. You can only get one per account, once a week. Also new as of Dec. It allows you to increase your score multiplayer on the Prestige Nightfall, allowing you to get more xur each time you run it.
Unlike the original Destiny, where vendors appeared exclusively in social spaces, Destiny 2 has begun to spread its vendors across multiple planets. However, in a somewhat surprising move, Xûr is visible on the world map, as a trackable vendor. Exotics on offer this week are a Rocket Launcher, Hunter Chest Armor, a Titan Helmet, and Gauntlets for Warlocks. He returns once again the following Friday with a different inventory. Once you're in the Watcher's Grave, look up and you'll find him standing atop a tree. For Warlocks Xur is selling Wings of Sacred Dawn exotic chest armour. Worth noting is that Xur is no longer refined to social spaces but can show up in ever more curious spots including planets in Patrol zones.


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