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10 November 2018

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Her right leg was bleeding as she managed to say. Now understanding what it was like to lose, she left Coumarine City with a little more life experience under her belt. While she ultimately stood by Eevee, Serena was nonetheless gentle in letting Quilladin down easy before finding out how fickle his heart was. Pokémon On hand Dedenne Main article: is Bonnie's only known Pokémon.

Little does she know this journey will be more interesting than she thinks. She had her green outfit and green bandana on and looked as if she had lost all hope. Serena gave Eevee some encouraging words and their bond increased, as Eevee evolved into a Sylveon, where she learned to use Fairy Wind and won the battle.

Stats - In my opinion you didn't show enough of the match, your descriptions of the fight seemed a little lacking to me. After when Greninja left with Squishy and Zygarde, Bonnie made a promise to Squishy that once she becomes a trainer, she will go on another adventure with Squishy in the future.

Bonnie dislikes feeling left out. She tends to forget she is the younger sibling and becomes very protective of her older brother Clemont. She made several attepts to break them up, all of which backfired. After losing her flower in an accident, she wandered off until landing on Bonnie. We walked towards the fountain, still holding hands. After a pep talk from Ash, Clemont is willing to try sneaking into the Gym so he can repair the malfunctioning robot. The clouds where all gray.


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