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10 November 2018

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Subtitles for YIFY movie Iron Man 2


Dia mengembalikan Expo Stark untuk melanjutkan warisan ayahnya Howard. This movie helps take the comic book genre to the highest level. We know that because there are many scenes that could have lead to more.

My only gripe with the movie was the fact that several characters were thrown into the mix with little behind them other than 2D character attributes. Rhodes is tired of the situation and grabs himself another one of the Iron Man suits, battles Stark and than leaves. Leslie Bibb's character, Christine Everhart, is pretty useless other than the two or three lines she has.

Subtitles for YIFY movie Iron Man 2 - Much against the hype, I thought this movie would have been torrid trash acting mingled with cheesy fight scenes. Ketika Tony Stark ditugaskan untuk memberikan presentasi senjata ke unit Irak yang dipimpin oleh Letnan Kolonel James Rhodes, dia diberi tumpangan di garis musuh.

The plot is also pretty well thought out, and the acting is just fine. Dalam keadaan disandera dan dalam keadaan terluka, ia disuruh membuat rudal oleh para penawannya, namun ia malah membuat baju perang canggih anti-peluru, dilengkapi pacemaker dan senjata pelontar api, lalu menggunakannya untuk membebaskan dirinya sendiri. The movie is funny actually it felt more like a comedy than an action flick and when the action happens, it's looking great. There is this scene, where Tony Stark is seriously messed up, partying at his home in his Iron Man suit and randomly shooting stuff. Sounds pretty much like a bash, but all that being said, I was fairly entertained. Pepper Potts isn't mind numbing and actually found myself laughing aloud at some of the wit. In the first film, Stark was battling the technology that he created and had to learn to outsmart his opponent because he couldn't outgun him.


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