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10 November 2018

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Pokémon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver


Empty maps can now generate in chests. I recommend any Nuzlocke fan to nuzlocke this game but, the amount of grinding you have to do is insane ~ not really imo, the trainers tend to have at least 2-3 Pokemon that should be decently leveled.

Maps can be zoomed out but not zoomed in Maps can be cloned and scaled. This is also removed from the Vanilla version of the hack.

Pokémon Sacred Gold & Storm Silver - Kris would be difficult to do though since I'd need a load of sprites for her.

Is it possible to use PokéGen to give yourself more of the items that were added to the game like Voltaic Ore, etc.? For the , Maps are only available in zoom step 3 maps and cannot be zoomed out or in. Gym Leaders will also have differing Pokémon amounts depending on the mode you play; Normal Mode will have them with anywhere from 3 to 5 Pokémon, whereas Challenge Mode will pit you against a full team of six. Angebote zu Produkten, für die Sie sich interessieren und Ihre Interaktionen mit ihnen messen, melden und analysieren. So basically, just pick whichever color takes your fancy! This is also removed from the Vanilla version of the hack. I didn't beat Red though.


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