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10 November 2018

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Clarion 10 Professional by softvelocity Clarion makes it easy for non-developers, and developers of all skill levels, to create database driven apps in minutes... Clarion can work with any database, whether it's an SQL backend or a local ISAM file, it's all the same to Clarion. You can import from any existing data store or define the exact data definition that you need using the Data Dictionary component. The Clarion Data Dictionary is the heart of every project. Clarion generates code from templates that do all the heavy lifting. Using the simple Wizard interface you spec out how the app should behave and then press the generate button. The AppGen and Templates take over from there and within seconds you have a bug-free app. The apps generated from the Clarion Templates have been field tested across the globe for over 2 decades! Easy-to-use Wizards are the next step. You create a complete app, ready to perform in the real world …without writing any code. Generated Clarion Apps are more than just a prototype or starting point, thay are fully capable of powering any business that deals with data and that's every business!
Версия 6, которую я ставил в 2004 году, оказывается, до сих пор - последняя, которой еще не рано пользоваться... You may convert any Clarion data file into another file format without any programming in a few mouse clicks. Once connected, you must teach the system the tach signal. WinRAR'ом распаковываются без проблем. JSON Support JSON JavaScript Object Notation is a lightweight data-interchange format.


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