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10 November 2018

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Английский язык, 3 класс, Spotlight 3, Test Booklet, Evans V., Dooley J.


Repeating chorally will help Ss feel confident enough to then perform the task on their own. Its name is slightly misleading, though. My stomach tightened as I smiled back politely.

Ss will then have acquired the necessary language to deal with the final writing task. I work in a variety of settings, including hospitals and schools, where I develop nutrition programmes and meal plans. That is L1 Students' native etc.

Английский язык, 3 класс, Spotlight 3, Test Booklet, Evans V., Dooley J. - The basic idea of the diet is quite simple. Ask Ss to read or listen to get the gist of the dialogue or text being dealt with.

This promises to be an exciting experience and a rewarding opportunity of a lifetime. Begin your sentences with: He. The games in the Teacher's Book enable Ss to use the new language in an enjoyable way, using the format of a team competition, and promoting humanistic learning. In a monolingual class, you may explain vocabulary in the Ss' native language. Вставьте в предложения: weaved, hive, pursue, hustle, prolong, renovated, quaint, cover, distracted, footsteps. Many people believe that cycle lanes provide safety for cyclists in the city. It can be used either in class or for homework upon completion of the relevant unit in the Student's Book. Данная книга на своих страницах имеет два варианта тестовых заданий, применяемых к каждому из модулей основного пособия. Match the headings A-H to extracts 1-7. Everyday English These sections provide practice in real-lifecommunication.


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