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10 November 2018

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Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield Essay


I have read over a 1000 at the very least. Send out that to us! Religion is an absolutely important aspect of their society and to be somehow agnostic or even an atheist is rarely seen.

Their society as a whole was very separated from the rest of Greece though. He served the polis and protected his people, and in the end Xeones dream came true, he was honored and named a true Spartan citizen.

Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield Essay - The polis of Sparta had a system, and overall it worked effectively. This is a great book for anyone who is thinking of, or soon will be joining military service.

This test was to check and make sure that there were no deformities. In Greece the polis of Sparta was the number one military authority for the people and for the time period. The Persian hordes moved in a stream unrelenting, their king, Xerxes, casting a wide, fleeting gaze that, to the Spartan king, remained beyond shattering. Each character of the story is clearly etched out, be it Xenos himself or Alexandros, or Dienekes, or Polynikes or Rooster or King Leonidas. Xeones and Diomache then have to forage in the wilderness with Bruxieus, a slave of Xeones that also survived the attack on their polis.


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