Castle clicker gem codes


10 November 2018

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It now works like the Inn Coins in that it will always regenerate fully in 30 minutes. Must travel to secret map. None Complete New Game Plus I Orb of Mastery No one can argue the might of your empire.

Ships can no longer be clicked on. Adds a Daily Stone and Free Level Bonus Play during Easter and find all 7 secret eggs. Patricks Day Love Rose Woo even the most unlovable citizen with this romantic gesture.

We have reduced support for legacy browsers. - This should even the odds... You shouldn't have to work as much.

Received after 30 days of game installation. Ability to convert any stone to a gem. Lucky Horseshoe: This looks like it was just recently dropped. Must travel to secret map. People are getting way too many Stones. Theater Mask People from all over the world have heard of your City's ability to entertain its citizens.


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