Pokemon spectrum


10 November 2018

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They love company, however, and they tend to be very cuddly. Our Story Begins: An Introduction to Pokemon Spectrum After an introductory video, you will see Professor Oak. Plasmatter Matter Pokémon It can change it's own state of matter when exposed to a certain concoction; between a solid, liquid, and gaseous form.

People would try their luck battling it out against you and your chosen comrades. Marsuperial Mosnal Use a Leaf Stone. Blimpish Smoke Pokémon These mischievous Pokémon are thought to be environmentally harmful due to the dark smoke it excretes.

No account? No worries. - Plasm Change When exposed to a Basic Concoction, Solid Concoction, Liquid Concoction, or Gaseous Concoction, it will change form based on what concoction it is exposed to. This move has a 10% chance to freeze the target.

Because of the cooler climates and more mild weather present in Zehyre, several Pokémon have changed in various ways to adapt to the region around them. Overgrow 002 Chlorougar Cougar Pokémon Chlorougars gain a more spunky, fierce personality when they evolve, as well as becoming more energetic, thanks to the flower on their head blooming. Their light is powerful, and can blind ghosts. Their sleek, graceful movements may play a part in this skill, though even the best magicians in the world are unable to comprehend how this is possible. When exposed to Plasmatter, it changes from its current form to its Solid Forme. Jaboey Rookie Pokémon It loves to fight other Pokémon, in order to impress it's elders. Notably, her ferry service is used several times throughout the game. After the attack is executed, the user switches out of the battle, sending another random party member into the battle.


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