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10 November 2018

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Mount it with beautiful glass. Spot metering — The camera will use a very small area of the scene, typically a small circle in the centre of the viewfinder that totals approximately 5% of the viewfinder area. You would select a short shutter speed if you wanted to freeze a fast moving subject, such as shooting sports, action or wildlife, for example: To capture the motion of the waves, and render the water with a soft, milky texture, a shutter speed of 6 seconds was used here So whilst you worry about what shutter speed you need for a given photograph, the camera will determine the appropriate aperture required to give the correct exposure.

A raw file is uncompressed, and so contains a lot of image data that allows for a lot of flexibility during post-processing i. Pls note I have used your content on my site — nupursachdeva. Before you press Record, it's best to take into account all that's going on around you. For moving subjects, Vitale recommends practicing on subjects moving parallel to the camera.

Article - The more you treat your camera like a cinema camera, the more cinematic your images will be. But if you live near a Borders bookstore, go in and try and snag one of the books above for half off.

There's even some handy maintenance tips for your camera. I use Tv or Av when I want to control either shutter speed, or aperature for the purpose you explain. Every video professional knows the need for good lighting. I won't be listing used books here since they come and go more quickly, but always check for used books first, since they will almost always be cheaper than new ones, and in most cases, in just as good condition. If you do use autofocus, keep in mind that many lenses -- old and new -- can be noisy when autofocusing, which will be picked up by built-in mics if you're using them for audio.


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