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10 November 2018

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Avatar: The Four Elements


However, the town is occupied by the Fire Nation, and earthbending is outlawed. The is waging a seemingly endless war against the and the , following the long-ago disappearance of the Air Nomads. Without the moon the waterbenders lose their ability to waterbend.

But his popularity, especially among the girls, soon goes to his head, creating a rift between him and Katara. Zudem erwarten dich spannende und kostenlose Spiele wie , sowie und andere Kinderspiele mit deinen Nickelodeon-Charakteren wie zum Beispiel!

Avatar: The Four Elements - As they explore an abandoned Fire Nation ship, Aang is unaware of the war that has been happening for 100 years, leading them to believe that Aang was trapped inside the iceberg for 100 years.

Aang shows Katara and Sokka around the now-deserted temple, while reminiscing about his time with his mentor, Monk Gyatso, as Katara tries to hide any traces of the Fire Nation to spare his feelings. Later the Complete Book 1 Collection was released on September 12, 2006 containing all twenty episodes plus extras on six discs. Katara and Aang use waterbending to manipulate the clouds as a warning to the villagers, and the group manages to evacuate the village before the volcano erupts. It is only when Avatar Roku intervenes that Jeong Jeong consents to teach Aang. Along the way, Aang and his friends are chased by various pursuers: banished Fire Nation Prince Zuko, former General Iroh, and Admiral Zhao of the Fire Navy. But when Sokka and Aang discover one of the fortuneteller's most vital predictions is dead wrong, they have to develop a plan to convince the stubborn townspeople that their beloved Aunt Wu was wrong. Animation directors and directed five episodes each, and Anthony Lioi directed two. You can also share avatar season 1 or any other file with the community.


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