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10 November 2018

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SOLIDWORKSトレーニング ファイル


We are also going to look at the different fittings SolidWorks routing has built in, and how we can insert them into our routes. Documents that outline that methodology are worth their weight in gold when coworkers start asking questions or you have someone else start making parts for you. As well as work arounds that get the job done.

The company was formed in 1981 and now pleased to be celebrating 37 years in business. I am the founder of a 3D modeling and end of manufacturing company, and have a background in mechanical engineering. Could it be related to network issues? Nothing worst then working with parts in routing that haven't been debugged because they weren't created correctly.

SOLIDWORKSトレーニング ファイル - Looking at the example of a flange below, you can see that they often include large Design Tables that would make creating custom configurations quick and easy.

Here is a tidbit that you won't find in any training manual on how to combine ribbon cables. First let's get Routing going it's part of the Package. Where to find it: Tools, Add-ins For this example I don't have a model to insert the connector into so I will place the connector first then route the ribbon. So to make sure it doesn't start the route when I bring the connector into the assembly I am routing to modify my options. Notice there is a new group of options here that shows up only when Routing is added in. Tools, Options, System Options, Routing: Clear the first check box. Create a new assembly model. Open your Design Library The library is pretty limited. However any part from 3D Content Central or other vendor parts can be easily turned into routing components, but that is a lesson for another day. Mate it into place if you want. Right Click the connector and choose Start Route. The routing properties manager will open on the left, just accept the defaults and click the green check.<br Solidworks Auto Route function will launch next. Go ahead and pick manual sketch, with the folded option, and draw in some 3D sketch lines. Use the tab key to change orientation. Here is part of the trick, in a straight section give yourself a few extra points. Then delete the segment between the poins so we can bypass an area with a flexible cable length. Repair the section by using a spline, in this case I will use a 2 point spline to show another feature. Right click the spline and insert a new spline point. Select the spline point and you should see a pdf triad show up like this Solidworks image below. Move the point down by draggin the green arrow head down. Add an additional routing to the open end of the route by dragging it out of the design library and manual it on the end point of the line. Exit the sketch and the sub assembly to see the pdf route. John Van Engen Tech Support.
The Auto Route function will launch next. Do you have this problem often when you use olets in your pipe run? I am welcome to answers that solve these problems and any others you can let me in on. Then i go back in the main model and reattach the mates and it works fine. I basically made a washer sized pipe then turned the line to a construction line. As a maker, Erin has created everything from 3D-printed jewelry to Ms. This should take you back to the main screen within the Piping and Tubing Database tab. Go ahead and pick manual sketch, with the folded option, and draw in some 3D sketch lines. Instructor Erin Winick then explores making routes, sketching pipes, auto-routing, and editing piping. Identify each type of pipe route you need to do. I have a pipe that looks like a man in the fact that it has one main route and four limbs.


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