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11 November 2018

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To the writers hands down to you guys. If you watch that drama then end at ep15. But jongsuk's acting should still be appreciated and i personally think that there's more to see about his character in the upcoming episodes. One of the best advantages of the websites that we're going to unveil below is that they also offer Japanese dramas, Asian Dramas, and Animes.

Mydramalist isn't actually one of the websites I fancy when it comes to downloading Korea drama. It is simply that good.

D-Addicts - Every drama he is doing he is improving and its so nice to see him improve in such a positive way! This show can fill the free time but not to rewatch again and again though.

Sad to say this, but the more I watch Korean dramas, the more I feel that Korea is a pathetic country due to its ideologies. Weather its not giving people a fair chance in korean situations due to looks or pinocchio, forcing new wives of a family to basically become slaves or putting blame to the most connected person in a bad situation without fair trial and so on, its not really a great place to be. Not saying that Kdramas download me feel this way but the fact that these are reoccurring storylines makes me feel that this does happen quite a lot in the country, which is terribly unfortunate for the people without power who are in these situations. S is a corrupt and immoral english because of the songs all about sex and drugs? And because of those celebrities doing crimes or drugs? Lol, every K-drama is super exaggerated. The drama with Jun Jihyun and Kim Soohyun is subtitle exaggerated as well, the most serious case of that type was Tablo's scandal. The dramas with evil mothers in law and chaebols are like makjang, most of them aren't wicked and stupid like that. Calling a country pathetic only makes you sound mroe dumb. Uran Do you remember the ship sewol that sank early this year? The teachter who survived took his life because all the parents saw him as guilty and took the anger out on him. It seems common for them to take their anger out on with people I dunno, do they all lack some kind of logic? I could imagine that the teacher's drama if the had one? Maybe they would even if he killed himself.
Even here in the Philippines, many are already watching even if it's still airing in Korea. In-Ha Park Shin-Hye has a Pinocchio Syndrome. He wants get revenge, but through the right way, using the methods Chaok used to destroy his family. He has such a great acting skills but because of the stupid role he rarely talk or make any other emotions apart from making stressful face. Sojuoppa is actually one of my favorite websites when it comes to downloading Korea dramas. You know the chemistry that I felt between Lee Bo-Young and Lee Jong-Suk while watching I can hear your voice. I haven't watched K drama a lot. His role as Choi Dol Po sucks!


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