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11 November 2018

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Otogi: Spirit Agents Hack (Cheat Codes) | GemTrainer


I should confront Star Mine, if only to give her a chance to clarify why she did what she did. What's wrong, Miss Star Mine? Her world shouldn't revolve around Ohina, so Star Mine's here to teach Ichikami how to enjoy life a little more.

However, some things like the art, and the free summons are things that keep the game at a 1 star rating. This man is an eyesore unworthy of the Empress' love. How strange, I had thought Okiku wasn't that careless.

Otogi: Spirit Agents Hack (Cheat Codes) | GemTrainer - Unsold after the 25th, but youthful in appearance, old in soul! Who would've thought such cute spirits could be any cuter?

May I have a word with you? The sun's rays hit her face. I don't like crowds; it's too easy for a delicate Ohina to get swept away by the unwashed masses. Perhaps she was trying to tell me she was bored and wanted to leave? And they all come together for totally wild and crazy battles! If the Empress left the Emperor to elope with her bodyguard, it would be a scandal of staggering proportions. I will face her properly. In the chaos of the Spirit Doll Festival, a mother and a daughter are reunited, the witch found her way to redemption, bonds are made, and the day is saved.


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