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11 November 2018

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


Next Subs : Harry Potter 2. When I left I felt very, very disappointed. I am a new uploader.

What was the point of the burning of the Burrow scene? Perhaps it should have diverged from the book just a little, to compensate for the difficulties in translating some of the book's delights to the screen. He soon finds, however, that the wizarding world is far more dangerous for him than he would have imagined, and he quickly learns that not all wizards are ones to be trusted.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - Avi 3 years ago 1 36. Dan Radcliffe has the look, the mannerisms and the charm of Harry down pat.

In the title role, Daniel Radcliffe pulls off the very difficult task of playing an introverted hero who spends most of the movie reacting to the amazing sights and events around him. I correct rip errors as much as I can. Remember the touching conversation Harry had with Ginny at the end? Ris og ros modtages med kyshånd. The movie changes strongly exaggerate one side of Hagrid's nature, though; probably inevitable considering how much plot exposition his character has.


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