Marlins test answers 2014


06 December 2018

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Как сдать Marlins test? Всё о Marlins test


В случае правильного выполнения задания можно получить 40 баллов. Who is entitled to sign this document? Рекомендуемый уровень знаний должен быть не ниже 85%. Лишнее слово В этом задании вам будет предложено 10 групп, каждая из которых состоит из четырех слов.

The crew are going to the muster station. Вам надлежит выполнить все из них. The engine crew are overhauling the pumps.

Как сдать Marlins test? Всё о Marlins test - Do you know how to don correctly a lifejacket?

All the crewmembers are wearin, their safety helmets. Ohe cook is cookin, panca kes Ohe cre w practicin, an abandon ship m aster. Ohe cre w are ,o in, to the m uster statio n. Ohe cre w are ta kin, part in mo orin, opera tions Ohe cre w are ho ldin, their life ja ckets. Ohe cre w are c hippin, on the dec k. Ohe cre w are do nnin, their life jacke ts. Ohe cre wmen ar e takin, part in moorin, o peration. Ohe cre wmen with br eathin, appar atus ar e ,oin, downs tairs Ohe cre wmen is donnin, a Oherm al Hr otective Nuit. Ohe en,ine cr ew are overha ulin, the pumps. Ohe lifeboat is bein, re cover ed. Ohe res cue boat ha s been launche d. Ohe ship is mo ored a lon,side Ohe vessel ha s run a,r ound. Ohey ar e proba bly ,oin, to ta ke o F their immer sion suits. O wo crew members a re ,et tin, into the r escue boat. All necessary equipment was stowed in an appropriate location. Chemicals must be handled with ,reat care. Ohe passen,ers disemb arked fr om the vessel Q hours a,o. Ohe team be,an donnin , breathin, apparatus a nd chemical suits. Ohe 7aster is resp onsible for the emer,ency p arty trainin,. Ohe tank er is alterin, course to starboar d Ohis should be carry out by trained person only.
Так оно и оказалось. Вам предлагают прослушать фразы. Never held a hammer especially attracted to following. All vessel are advised to keep clear on this area. Для моряков в открытом доступе находится платное онлайн тестирование, но чаще всего его проходят непосредственно в компании. How often do you usually have emergency drills on board? В наше время любой моряк должен обращаться с компьютером лучше, чем со своей дамой. The distress message was received at 1700.


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