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06 December 2018

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Gateway Level A2: Student's Book


Для просмотра книги в формате Gateway A2: Student's Book PDF вам нужно специальное программное обеспечение, которых на данный момент множество. Complete the notes with these words.

Для открытия файла PDF Вы можете воспользоваться бесплатной программой Acrobat Reader. Gateway a2 students book скачатьglad a2 students book скачать Современное, глубокое интересное содержание курса, основанное на межпредметном и межкультурном материале, развивает и поддерживает постоянный интерес учащихся и преподавателей к изучаемому материалу. Основные характеристики: раздел Gateway to exams содержит задания экзаменационного характера и развивает умения и навыки, необходимые при сдаче экзаменов; раздел CLICK Cross-Curricular, Literature, International Cultural Knowledge содержит интересные по содержанию и увлекательные по тематике задания, разработанные с использованием аутентичного материала, позволяющие по-новому взглянуть на мир английского языка; словарь активной лексики в Рабочей тетради отбор которой осуществлялся на основе анализа частотности употребления лексических единиц в различных регистрах речи дополняется поурочными списками слов в Книге для учащегося и упражнениями на закрепление новой лексики; использование удобной цветовой навигации дает возможность легко найти нужный материал в Книге для учащегося; в разделе Developing writing приводятся образцы письменных работ различных жанров и стилей; рубрики Study skills и Exam success, интегрированные в канву всего материала учебника, содержат советы учащимся по выполнению различных типов экзаменационных заданий в конце Книги для учащегося; этапы выполнения заданий на говорение и письменных заданий, образцы письменных работ и устных высказываний дают возможность учащимся усовершенствовать продуктивные умения и навыки. Oscar g read 100 pages a day.

Gateway Level A2: Student's Book - GRammaR GUidE Prepositions of time 5 Look at the sentences and complete the rules with on, at or in. Portable Document Format PDF — межплатформенный формат электронных документов, разработанный фирмой Adobe Systems с использованием ряда возможностей языка PostScript.

Match the pictures with some of these words. Check that you understand the other words. Use your dictionary if necessary. What is the school subject of each lesson? Give your opinion of different school subjects. School activities 4 Match the pictures with some of these words. Work in five groups. Write your school timetable. Each group writes a different day. Write the names of the lessons. On Monday our first lesson is at five to nine. Look at the photo and answer the questions. Are these sentences true T or false F or is the information not mentioned NM in the text? EXAM SUCCESS page 158 Japanese secondary students study typical subjects — maths, English, history, biology, chemistry, PE. A student normally studies ten to fourteen subjects. Students start their first class at half past eight. There are about 30 students in each class. The students are in the same classroom all day. The teacher goes from one classroom to another at the start and end of the class, not the students. At the start and end of the class, the students stand for the teacher. When the teacher goes, the students talk with their friends for ten minutes and take their books out of their desks for the next class. The students have lunch in their classroom. They have a cold lunch, made at home by their parents, or they have a hot lunch made at school. Lunch is 45 minutes and there is no other break, except the ten minutes at the end of the class. Japanese students finish classes at quarter to four. But when they finish, they clean the desks, the windows and, the board. After they finish class, the students go to after-school clubs. We start at half past eight, like in Japan. Unit 1 Reading 16 2a pRonUnCiaTion 1. Can you hear the difference in their endings? When do verbs in the present simple finish in -s? I a love my school. My friends and I c ask the teacher really difficult questions. After two hours, the teacher d leave and our next class is all about the history of the universe. One of my friends, Oscar, e know lots about this subject because his mother f write encyclopaedias. Oscar g read 100 pages a day. Yes, we all think that our School for Geniuses is great! Unit 1 Grammar in context 17 Everyday activities 6a Use the table to write true sentences. Remember to put the verb in the correct form. Subject Verb Object Preposition of time I My mum My friends My family and I My teacher My good friend go study clean learn watch start speak finish do to school to work English the house homework French the TV DVDs to school on in at time day month date part of the day, or night 6b SpEakinG Compare sentences with other students. Which sentences are similar? GRammaR GUidE Prepositions of time 5 Look at the sentences and complete the rules with on, at or in. GRammaR REfEREnCE page 24 1a Work with a partner. Match the pictures with some of these phrases. Check that you understand the other phrases. Take it in turns to talk about a typical day. I get up at half past seven. I have a shower first. Then I have breakfast. My mum watches DVDs in the evening. So does my friend! STUdY SkiLLS What can you do to practise new grammar that you learn? STUDY SkILLS page 156 Unit 1 Grammar in context Developing vocabulary School life in the UK 3 Match the words with the correct information. They are for all students. Make notes about your ideas. Then talk to your partner. Everybody studies English, maths and science up to the age of 16. These subjects are compulsory. In the first years of secondary school, students have 12 different subjects. Comprehensive schools are state schools which are open to all students. In England, private schools are called public schools, or independent schools. Independent schools are very expensive. Only 7% of students go to these schools. When you study this subject, you study different things like food, textiles and materials and electronic products. In England, parents can teach their children at home. This is called home schooling. About 50,000 children study at home and not at school. Fact File: Secondary schools in England At 16, English students take national exams called GCSEs. GCSE means General Certificate of Secondary Education. After GCSEs, it is possible to finish your studies. Students who stay at school study in the sixth form. You study the subjects you like and no subjects are compulsory. Students do just three or four subjects. They take national exams in these subjects. The exams are called A levels Advanced levels. English secondary school students normally call their teachers Sir for men or Miss for women. What things are similar or different in your country? Are secondary schools in your country similar to English schools? Is Eton similar to your school? Cross-curricular — History A famous English secondary school 6b LiSTEninG 1. Check your answers to the quiz. Are the statements true T or false F? Match the people A—D and the pictures in 1. There are five pictures but only four speakers. A B C D STUdY SkiLLS Is it necessary to understand everything the first time that you listen to a text? STUDY SkILLS page 156 3 Listen again. Answer the questions with A, B, C or D. Who… 1 is part of a big class? GRammaR REfEREnCE page 24 3 Make the sentences negative. Look at the pictures and talk about them. Where are the people? Unit 1 Listening Grammar in context 21 5a Write true sentences about you and your routines. Use the words in the table to help you. Make the sentences affirmative or negative. I have a shower in the morning. Verb Noun play have get up watch go to do TV computer games school bed football shower lunch homework 5b SpEakinG Work with a partner. Read your sentences to your partner. Then tell the class about your partner. She has a shower in the morning. GRammaR GUidE Object pronouns 6a Look at the sentences. Are the words in green and red subject or object pronouns? I listen to her. Subject pronoun Object pronoun 1 I 2 you 3 he 4 she 5 it 6 we 7 they a you b her c it d me e them f him g us GRammaR REfEREnCE page 24 7 Write the sentences again using an object pronoun. The teachers speak to. Write sentences with the affirmative or negative form of the present simple. One of you is the teacher and the other is the student. Practise the completed dialogue. Student A: You are the teacher. Ask the questions in 2. Student B: You are the student. Use the information on page 167. Student A: Use the information on page 167. One of you is the teacher and asks questions. The other person talks about themselves. EXam SUCCESS What topics connected with personal information are typical in a speaking exam? For example, your name, your age … EXAM SUCCESS page 158 1 LiSTEninG 1. Complete the notes with these words. Complete the dialogue with the sentences 1—6 below. One answer does not appear in the dialogue. I have a shower and get dressed. I have breakfast and then I go to school by car with my dad. Their names are Katie and Olivia. Katie is 20 years old. She studies at university. She comes to this school. And I like art and music. I like drawing and painting. Tell us something about yourself. AdAM: a TeAcHer: Tell us about your family. AdAM: b TeAcHer: What about school? What are your favourite subjects? AdAM: c TeAcHer: What about physics and chemistry? AdAM: d TeAcHer: And after school? Include all the information. You receive an email from a boy in England. Reply to the email. Find Mark in the photo. Message From: Mark To: info mailpals. We live in Birmingham. My hair is short. My favourite subjects are ICT and Spanish. I have Spanish on Mondays and Wednesdays. And I have physics on Tuesdays and Fridays. After school I play football. I have dinner with my parents at about half past six. Tell me about yourself. Best wishes, Mark 2 Look at the email. Which paragraph a—d … 1 gives basic information about Mark and his family? When do we use capital letters in English? Choose the correct answers. We study maths on Mondays. He watches DVDs every weekend 2 permanent situations. Teachers teach and students learn. Babies cry if they are hungry. I go to bed when I am ill. He listens to me. She talks to them. Unit 1 25 Vocabulary revision School subjects 1 2 3 4 5 6 Grammar revision Present simple affirmative 1 Look at the pictures and write about what Ethan does on Sunday. Use the correct form of these verb phrases.
Копирование произведений осуществляется пользователями сайта исключительно по собственной инициативе. The teacher goes from one classroom to another at the start and end of the class, not the students. Описание книги Gateway - новый академически насыщенный курс английского языка для современных подростков, состоящий из пяти уровней. Gateway Level A2: Student's Book Издательство: Macmillan Publishers Жанр: Macmillan Publishers Качество: Хорошее Страниц: 160 Формат: pdf, fb2, epub Gateway is an academically-rich five-level course designed to lead teenage students to success in school-leaving and university entrance exams and prepare them for university and the world of work. One of you is the teacher and asks questions. Все произведения в нашей библиотеке используюутся для некоммерческих целей. Это универсальный формат файлов, разработанный Adobe, который сохраняет все шрифты, форматирование, графику и цвет любого исходного документа независимо от приложения и платформы, используемых для его создания.


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