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13 January 2019

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Dresspack systems

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Auch menschen umgehen können und die singlehoroskop fische mann. The battalion saw its first action at in April 1916 and went on to serve on the , at , , , Passchendaele, , and the. National War Memorial terrorist attack On 22 October 2014, Corporal of the Argylls was ceremonial guard duty at the in Ottawa, Ontario. Vokes ordered Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick E.

Prior to this, there were occasional call outs. Singlehoroskop Stier Mann Heute Bekanntschaften Duren Frau Nach Kennenlernen Anschreiben Kennenlernen In Gruppe. Cynicism is a soldier's rightful lot and the Argylls' never lost it. The report notes that on several occasions the passenger Alisa Arshavina described herself as a major in the FSB, in an attempt to put pressure on the crew.

Dresspack systems - Ihr Singlehoroskop für Ihr Sternzeichen im Monat März. The battalion disbanded on 1 September 1917.

The following discussion is closed. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page. No further edits should be made to this discussion. Article promoted by via 04:20, 14 August 2018 UTC Nominator s : I am nominating this article for A-Class review because it passed GA in February, there has been a fair bit of work on it since and I believe that it is potentially up to A class standard. The incident is not well known, but I feel deserves a modest degree of prominence. It gives, I think, a feel for the spirit in which the last months of World War II, and probably the rest of it, were fought. No glory and precious few heroes. It seems to me to be getting close to over-linking, but I realise that is subjective. Is there a way to make this clearer? Potentially mentioning it as an earlier incident in the lead might be a way to do this Done I have also given the Sögel section a separate named section. Didn't put it in sentence case, which may be incorrect. I am not positive that it needs both the Canada and U. PD tag, but that seems right... Therefore, an additional tag is not needed assuming there is a publication date for the image that would support the validity of the current tag. The Library and Archives Canada site says the copyright is expired, but it may be good to get a publication date as well. I had to seek assistance to get the flag photograph uploaded to Commons; photos and copyright are something of a mystery to me. I have done some thumb-fingered searching, but haven't come up with anything not apparent on the Library and Archives Canada site. I can't even establish that they were published prior to going on that site. Given the detail in the captions it seems likely that they were published before then, but that is just my guess. If someone could give me some pointers I will have another go. It is probably something I ought to learn anyway. I think you are going to need the initial publishing date. It is crown copyright, the author , and it will have to be published prior to 1967. Contact the library for clarification, probably at bac. Say something like we are verifying the copyright on the image, and need the publication date to prove it is public domain, or otherwise ask them how it is public domain. Consider CC'ing OTRS on the email. Best work on this early on in the nomination, before it hits the bottom of the queue that's what happened to my last nomination! Ie, fighting children at Meppen; fierce resistance at Sogel, with several hard pressed counter attacks which even civilians participated in; firm but brittle at Friesoythe. It burnt down the centre of Sogel on the 10th, and razed Friesoythe on the 14th. And, see Aftermath, came close to a third incident. The official history states that buildings were destroyed in Sogel as a justified reprisal. Reprisals of course are illegal under the Geneva Convention. It seems to me to be interesting that the official history explicitly describes the 4th Division as twice committing war crimes, but I am not aware of a source which explicitly links them, so I mention it all in the article for a discerning reader to pick up. OK, but this is confusing for readers - especially in the first para which is meant to summarise the entire article. I'd suggest mentioning Sogel in passing in the lead, or simply omitting it. I think that it is now clearer. I am not sure about the Sogel sentence. It reads fine to me, but I am too close. It would be easy to remove it entirely. The 4th Division's, or that of the Canadian troops overall? Reworded to better match the source. While most German towns and units swiftly capitulated, there were lots of short, sharp, battles like this one - especially when Waffen SS or elite and often fanatical units like the paratroopers decided to make a stand. Relevant to the attitudes of the Canadian soldiers, the casualties incurred in these pointless battles were greatly resented by the troops as they saw their comrades killed or wounded when it was obvious that the war was almost won. I'd suggest branching out a bit more widely with your sources here. I had tried to stay on topic. Easy enough of course to come up with something on the pointlessness, nearly every account mentions it. It probably did, IMO, but no source puts that view forward directly. I will have a go at adding something to the Context. The context here is important: this was one of hundreds of deliberately destroyed German towns. Let the bare numbers, as provided by the sources, speak for themselves. Support My comments are now addressed: great work here. They seem to be to me. What am I missing? The note isn't supposed to be the cite is it? Should I just remove it? Be that as it may. Suggest selecting a specific format. Also shouldn't there be a mention of the archives for the staff war diary like there is for the other one. Actually do they need to be mentioned at all here since I just noticed they are recited in full in the notes? I have given all of the information on each that I have been able to find. To make them consistent I would have to remove information which seems pointless. I suspect that war diaries by their nature are not consistent. Cheers, 04:58, 27 May 2018 UTC : a further ping, it would be good to get this one wrapped up. I am surprised that your patience is holding up and thank you for bearing with me. Indication that the units had crossed Ems a week earlier is important--how difficult was the crossing? The destruction of Sogel in the lead comes after the destruction of Friesoythe, which is confusing. It is covered in the regimental histories of the units involved and several accounts of the campaign. There was no investigation of the event. Although the Canadian Army took little notice of the incident at the time, and the official military history glosses over the destruction of both Sogel and Friesoythe, the incidents are described in the regimental histories of the units involved. Which is a fair point. The statement seems to be accurate, but it is not explicitly stated in any source I can find and so is OR. Destroyed by engineers to provide rubble? Could you elaborate on how the wording might be confusing? I am probably too close to it. Given the appalling state of the roads the cynically inclined may suspect that this was in the minds of those weighing a course of action which would generate a large quantity of rubble. Happy to reword, but I am struggling to think of one. I have changed it. Vokes ordered Lieutenant-Colonel Frederick E. Wigle to resume the attack by the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders on..... If I make that change then I will need to add a new sentence somewhere spelling out that Wigle was the battalion CO. Eg as opposed to the brigade commander etc. I would prefer to leave it. I'd have thought flanking march. Let me know if you want me to look again, or to help.... I didn't put it into earlier versions of the article at all, but then relented. G'day , there are a few loose ends to be followed up here. It looks to be close to passing, but we'd want some action shortly. Cheers, 02:01, 14 July 2018 UTC : Apologies, I missed this. Yes, I have been letting this one sit a bit. The main remaining issue as I understand it is US copyright on the two images, for which I need to find the date of first publication. I have just sent a final reminder to The Library and Archives Canada. If they don't reply by the end of the week I will replace the images. I have looked for suitable replacements a couple of times but not found anything I was happy with; I probably need to lower my standards. I am aware that there are a few other points not yet addressed, but they are relatively minor. The Library and Archives Canada have, a little to my surprise, responded. I have passed this on to , who has been generously doing the image review. Otherwise, they said it was published over 50 years ago explicitly, so you should be good to go. I would be grateful if you could have a review of your comments above and my responses and see if I have satisfactorily addressed your concerns. Kees08, that will be direct to your talk page, and I understand that it is provisional depending on the response, if any, to my request for precise first publication dates. I'll keep you informed. Your input on kicking this, the first Wikipedia article I wrote, into shape is appreciated. The email you received was very clear. I do not think you went through OTRS with it you should still try , but I am willing to AGF on the issue. If they do, I'll let you know. Are casualties covered in Fraser? They source most of their comments, so I have used the originals. And found better quality if less precise sources where necessary, rephrasing as required. Do the other citations cover the same material? I was probably trying to nail down all the corners, given the subject matter, and got over-enthusiastic. Shameful in my opinion. If anyone has come across any I would be delighted to include them. I may consider submitting this for professional publication. Please do not modify it. Subsequent comments should be made on the appropriate discussion page. No further edits should be made to this discussion.
The single friesoythe features a winter garden and a sauna with lake views. Seeing that one of the PPCLI companies was hesitating to north in the face of a German machine gun position on dominating ground, he handed command of his troops to an NCO and went to rally the men of his old regiment. Du wirst meine Single friesoythe lieben wegen super gemütlich in einer ruhigen Nachbarschaft, Umgebung mit Natur und doch stadtnah 5 Min. It is also a civil role play space for her. I'd suggest mentioning Sogel in passing in the lead, or simply omitting it. If they do, I'll let you know.


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